Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Illusion of Mustangs in the Wild...

I have always wanted to see mustangs in the wild, and that is a dream I will not be giving up any time soon. Using my imagination....I am seeing my own mustangs in the wild.
This morning I was heading out to find the hormonal heifer, and the fog was so quiet and mysterious, and the falling leaves made a song of their own.

Here is Nevada being shy...

The horses were on their way back from the back field and here are a few of them at the top of the hill.

This is Red Bear, a Kiger mustang who is 18 yrs old now. We acquired him last year.

Just had to throw in the turkeys....we have two toms and four hens. The toms are starting to act all studly. The light colored one has been chasing me, which is quite humorous. He has not bit or flogged me yet...let's hope it stays that way!
Last year we lost two batches of turkey chicks to the coons, and this year we were finally successful. I still worry about the coons showing up to take them out, so we lock the turks up at night. They really are funny birds, and they are smarter than the guineas!

That is all I have for now.....

Until later, Karen and Tripp


Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

The picture of Nevada trying to hide behind the tree reminds me of Taz. There is a huge oak tree in the middle of Taz's pen. On a couple of occasions we have caught him trying to hide from us. Once when Kirstin was going to ride him-he tried hiding. The come here cue for him is too strong and he couldn't resist so he came out of hiding. Another time was when we were working on teaching him that the hay bag we use isn't going to eat him. He saw husband coming with the hay bag and he hid behind this tree and all of a sudden we catch him peering around it to see if the hay bag had been hung up. It was soooo funny to see this huge horse try to hide his entire body behind a tree-you know he did a good job. Great picture.

Karen C. said...

Ha ha! Isn't it funny how their thinking works? Nevada is usually the bold one and he came trotting up the hill then all of a sudden positioned himself behind that tree, and he did just like Taz did - peeked around! I was glad I got the camera out in time to get him!

Aren't they great? :-)