Sunday, November 30, 2008


I checked the weather yesterday and they were calling for snow showers. I really didn't think it would happen because the daytime temps seemed too warm. I think snow is pretty, but I really am not ready for it. Not yet.....

This is why I am NOT a weather person! They would fire me! :-)

The above picture is a before sunrise picture.

This picture is taken mid morning.

Since the mini's have arrived, they have taken over the mustang pen, so Ace and Joker are out with the donks. Tandee has made a truce with Ace...they are sharing Tandee's grain bucket. I am impressed because Tandee is kind of a witch sometimes. Which is why I love her so much! I don't let him in to 'share' too often. She gets her Senior feed and is so hard to keep weight on.

Brian left early this morning - heading out of town a few days for work. We took out a couple of big round bales last night and I am glad! The ground is very sloppy right now.

All the other critters are doing good too. Everyone is dressed in their woolly-bear suits...I guess Winter is on it's way whether I am ready or not.

At the 2008 EMM while visiting with the Kokal's, they were telling us how great it was riding in the snow in New Hampshire...I am not a good winter person, but I do have this part of me that is ready to take them up on their invitation and have some fun in the snow. This year isn't going to work...maybe another time. Our snows here are unpredictable, and the few years we did get a good snow, I was not riding that much. Some of my best rides in my late teens and early 20's were in the snow...I am ready to start living that free again! :-)

I am going to write my Grandpa a letter now....
Hope everyone is doing well!

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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Joan Fisher said...

Hey Karen,
Are you going to sign up to twitter? hehehe

I like that you wrote Grandma a letter. I still right letters to people, old fashioned I suppose.
I wish I could write my grandma a letter, but my grandma died on thanksgiving this year. Why do they wait for holidays to pass away?
She was ready to go though, she was 98 yrs old and still smart as a whip. Her body just couldn't go any longer and began shutting down. She's with God and grandpa and all the people I have lost and love and miss! It's of life. Sometimes when I start a horse that I may have some reservations with, right before I get on I think of all the wonderful people that I may be joining in the big blue sky! Silly I know, but it works. At least people can say," She was doing what she loved!"