Monday, January 2, 2012

Ahhhh, the start of 2012....a new year...

Chase, being the very conscientious Jolly Llama (sometimes known as the Drama Llama) that he is, is keeping a careful watch for 2012.

Back in 2009 we test drove Hemi the bulldog but it did not work out.   Our dogs and Hemi did not mesh, so Hemi had to go back to his other home.  They moved out of state and are very busy.  Hubby is in the military, and Mom works full time plus, then comes home to her kiddos.  There are rules at the base so Hemi could not stay outside in the yard...that made for a very energetic dog but no time to get him out and about.  We were asked if we wanted to give him another try since we were down to the two girl dogs, and Hemi is a little older.  There were a few times Brian mentioned missing Hemi, so I did not see a problem - and I was right.  :-)

So Hemi has a new home with us, and so far so good.  He is 3 yrs old now and a little more mature.  The girls get along with him and Hemi doesn't bother the cats too much.

Here is Hemi and I on the couch.  He is a bulldog, so he 'bulls' right thru where he wants to go.  We are working on manners.  :-)  This was the first night, and he crawled around behind me and I was working on self portraits. 

Hemi was out patrolling the garden area....lots of new smells to explore.

Hanging out on the kitchen floor.

Hemi grew up with kids, and I really think he misses his kids a lot.  Madison was here this weekend and loved on Hemi.  

 Hemi can be full of drama, and one of these days I will get his noises on video - they are hilarious!  He also throws himself on his back and patiently waits for the belly rub he believes he deserves.

 Oh my much to do, so little time....but always time for a nap.

Harriett is a parrot we acquired a while back.  She isn't tame, she talks a little bit, and squawks a lot.  She is not Brian's fact she annoys the heck out of him with the squawking.  She also laughs a lot...and Brian says that makes him feel good knowing she came from a place that had a lot of laughter.  I agree!
One morning I was up early feeding, and I forgot to shut her door (a first for me!  I must have been tired!).  Brian came out and I heard flying...I turned around and there she went, to the other side of the room.  I got my glove knowing she bites and low and behold she stepped right up on my finger!  I was so shocked - and happy!  She still won't do it from her cage, but she did it twice that morning when she flew across the room.  I don't half wonder if she surprised herself!

Thomas the cat....he is still here.  He was an indoor cat that is a little mental, and he started thinking the whole house was a litter box.  I even tried corn cob litter, and it worked for 3 days, then he gradually started going outside of the box again.  We read everything we could on the behavior, we had the vet check him over and tried a couple different medications, but no change.  He had always wanted to go outside but I was afraid the dogs would get him, and Thomas doesn't know enough  to be afraid or to respect the dogs.  But.....something had to happen and we were running out of options.  I started letting him out on the back deck a few minutes at a time, then the times started getting longer.  Now he is an indoor/outdoor cat, loves being outside, but loves coming back in to get burrs picked off him and to be spoiled like the Kitty of Royalty that he is.

Nakita the dog is the one that used to attack cats, and she was the main one I was worried about.  She is older and moves around slow most of the time, and I think she has mellowed out.  Well, that and the fact that I let Nakita in one night when it was cold and rainy, and Thomas walked up to her and smacked her right in the face, then walked behind her and hit her in the butt!  No joke!  As long as Thomas doesn't run - he is safe.  And his inside accidents have decreased almost 100%!  Yay!

I really don't know what happened to went by so quickly.  Welcome 2012!  May it be bigger and better than 2011!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who thinks cats are stupid.

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