Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A week off work...

I don't usually complain about work, but I am going to right now.  This summer was rough.  We have had the biggest turn over in employees in the past year than the whole 11 years of me being in that department.  I usually get some time in the summer to take a few days off, and I usually get to go on storm duty.  I did not get to do either....until now.  January really is not the best time of year to take off, but I really needed it.  Out of the week there was one day that was about 60, and Brian was home that day so we got a few things done that were on the to-do list.  Other than that, cold and windy!  Not the weather I hoped for, but I am still so so grateful to be able to take the time off to clear my head. 

Friday the 13th Hemi went to the vet to get (shhhhh, don't tell him) 'fixed'.  He is also up to date on vaccinations and he had his eyes checked.  He had cherries removed from his eyes when he was younger and the vet had to do something with the tear ducts.  My vet told me if the cherries are bad enough, they totally remove the ducts.  Long story longer - he does not produce his own tears, and he is going blind.  (We knew this when we agreed to bring him home with us)  We know he can see shadows, but we think that is about it.  Example:  he will be at the bottom of the grass hill and I call him to me (kisses means come to me....I started doing that and it is working better than calling his name).  He will head up the hill at an angle so I know he isn't seeing me, then I will call and kiss again, and he will correct his direction.  At night - he can't see.  He is learning where things are and it is amazing how much running and playing he does!  Of course I cried when I thought of sweet little Hemi being blind...then I remembered that we as humans tend to have a harder time with stuff like this than they do.  They go with the flow more than we do.  So guess what?  Hemi is just wonderful!  :-)
He has another appointment in 3 weeks to check tear production.  No matter what, he will be on a lifetime of eye drops of some sort.

We had snow and I think Hemi was wondering when he was going to get to go back to Virgina Beach and chase horseshoe crabs.

It was a little chilly but not too bad.  The snow melted within a couple of days.  I went out to play with the llama.  He is learning to lead and looks quite handsome in Batman's purple halter.  I also put the red halter on Jester the donk.  That halter looks great on everyone so far!
Tandee is wondering why she doesn't get to wear the pretty red halter.  She says she looks good in red too.  :-)

Playing with Chase the llama and Juster the donk.  Batman is supervising, Tandee is showing her disgust since she has not got to try on the pretty red halter yet, and Wyoming is making like he doesn't see us.

For those wondering, Chase spits all the time, but has never spit at Brian or I.  I did get residual spit on me one day when he sent a wad flying at Wyoming, but other than that, we have stayed clean.  He has belched right in our faces before....oh about rank!  Ewwww!

Is it my turn to try on the pretty red halter yet?

We ended up with a very frosty morning and everything was sparkling.  It was soooo pretty, and soooo cold! 

The horses looked so pretty that morning with the sun coming over the trees, the frost on their bodies sparkled, and they all looked happy.  Sure can't ask for much more than that.  I love my life!

Nevada is such a doll baby...

 Tripp sporting a frosty back.

Joker centered right in the middle of the green cedars and the sparkly can barely see his breath.

Nevada says "Hey!  It is me again!"

Tripp and Ace before their play fight time.

Tripp going over the play fight rules with Joker.  He says the rules are there are no rules.  :-)

Brian spoiling Tripp..."ooohhhh that feels sooooo gooooooddddd"...

Nevada is very much a people horse.  He will come up beside you and just hang out.  I love that about him.

I kept saying it was too cold to ride.   Heck, some of the week was in the 20's and yep, it was cold.  Then a friend from our Mustang club mentioned that he got bundled up and worked one of his horses when it was 20 out.  I thought "Oh heck, now I have to go out to do it while it is 30!"  So I went out looking for my stuff and could not find any of it!  After a slight panic, I realized I had it all packed in the truck for the Equine Celebration this past weekend (that I ended up not taking Tripp to) so I grabbed the pretty colorful halter to ride in!  I love this halter!  It is bright and festive!

Tripp and I doing our self portrait stuff....he is such a good sport!

Brian liked this one better.  Yes, it is more centered, but I get more giggles out of the other one because I know what Tripp and I went thru to try to get pictures.  He would get too close and fog up the lens, then I would have to start over.  :-)

Batman nosing around...

Chase facing around...

Two nights ago we had some pretty strong storms come thru.  This is hail!  I sat up waiting for the storm to pass....internet and satellite was not working, and I was not taking chances on a rogue tornado.  The storms stopped as fast as they started.

Nothing like a beautiful sunset to end the day...

It was a busy week but a nice one.  I am hoping to do it again this summer.

Hope everyone is doing well so far this year!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is laughing at Tandee because he gets to wear the pretty red halter.

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