Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Got to take a short ride in a little bit of snow...

Saturday morning we woke up to a thin layer of snow.  It was so pretty...and not too cold!  I was going to take a ride!  All my stuff was still in the truck, so out came the pretty tie-dye colored halter.  I love tie-dye and it has been part of our motif since I got Tripp for the EMM. 

Since it was as short ride, I was going to ride in the area where we store the round bales.  We opened and closed the gate...it isn't pretty, but we got the job done.  If I had cows, they would have gotten out!  Ha ha!

I CAN REACH IT....there!  Closed!

Brian came out looking for me, so I ventured out for some pictures.
I have to laugh at my sense of style....or lack of.  Same warm cushy flanel jacket I always wear, jeans rolled up because my camo colored boots are snug around the ankle (but they are warm!), my two sided bright orange/snow camo colored ear warmer headband thingy, under my favorite helmet. I think Tripp is looking much snappier in his bright halter.  :-)

 Up the small pond bank....

Around the pond....

And here is where it got interesting...the horse to the right is Boom, and he and Tripp do not have any lost love for each other.  Tripp is usually the boss, but now that Boom is out there, they all respect his space.  Normally Boom will avoid us, all tho he makes faces at us over the fence when I ride in the hay bale area.  Today he started stomping and shaking that pretty head of his.  At first I thought it was nerves, then I realized it was a challenge.  I talked to him and he turned to walk away, then pinned those ears and turned back at us real fast!  I yelled at him and he turned to go the other way as Tripp did a very nice roll back the other direction...yikes!  I got Tripp stopped and facing Boom again, and Boom high tailed it away from us after I yelled.  I might still get the spooks when I get on Boom, but on the ground (or on another horse) I am still lead mare.  I think it is a Tripp/Boom thing.  Even tho Tripp lets Boom do his thing, he still wants to assert his authority.  Brian, being on the other side of the small pond, was a bit nervous....but it all turned out well.  And dang, Boom sure did look good!  :-)  

After our short ride was over, I took Tripp for a walk to the 'scary area'.  The scary area is down the hillside where coyotes ran out from behind a dirt pile a while back, so he still gets the "SNORT, WHAT IS THAT?" thing when we go by there.  Today something flew out from behind the dirt pile and thru the trees.  He did a quick turn spook thing, I about had a heart attack but stayed on (yay me!), then after I quit laughing (I laugh right after I get scared of something...don't know why...but it works for me) we proceeded on our merry way.  This was all before the Boom thing.

After our walk I played a bit....I love this little mustang!

It was a lot of fun, I got not just one, but two 'AH HA!' moments to work thru, and I was ready to start the weekend!  :-)

Until later, Karen and Tripp who says he is happy to oblige helping me with my 'AH HA!' moments.  :-)

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