Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekends just don't last long enough...

I was flying solo this weekend.  Brian took his kids up to his parents, and I stayed home to nurse an infliction of PMS and to take care of critters.  I wonder how long I will be able to use PMS as an excuse to stay home....hee hee hee!!!

In between doing a whole lot of nothing and a whole lot of something, I needed to make time to ride.

Batman to Wyoming and Tandee: "Do not make eye contact with the girl!  She is carrying something big, squishy looking and RED!  Red just can't be good!"
Wyoming:  "Not looking....not looking...oh so hard not to look...but not looking!"
Tandee:  "Zzzzzzzzzzzz.....huh?"

Hemi:  "I am not looking either....too busy basking in the sun beam.  Move on...no need to mess with my productivity"

Hemi: "Now too busy taking nap.  It is hard work to sit up for so long...in a sun beam."

Hemi:  "Not making eye contact with the girl......snort snort....zzzzzzzzz....."

Tripp:  "Oh oh, no treats in the box...this can't be good."

Tripp thinking to himself "If I just stand here and look cute, maybe she will forget that treats come AFTER work.....yep, just a little more cuteness and I got her!"

Tripp:  "BAH!  She is a tough one.  But I am looking pretty good in my new squishy red pad if I say so myself!"  (Insert music here:  "I'm....too sexy for my pad...too sexy for my pad....tooooo sexy...."

Tripp:  "Now the other side...note my ears are up, my tail is set nice and pretty, and I LOOK like I am having fun.  If I LOOK like I am having fun and LOOK cute at the same time, maybe we will move on to the treats!"

Tripp:  "I am very lucky...I would look great in bright green too!"

Tripp:  "Yep guys, fuscia!  I am very confident in may ability to pull off fuscia and still be a handsome dude."

Tripp:  "Purple!  Now we are talking! The color of Royalty.  Mom calls it the color of Royalty for a Royal Pain in the 'BLEEEEEP'.  Whinney snort snort....sometimes I just can't help pushing her buttons.  Keeps her on her toes."

I also did a video of us.  I set the camera on the bale of hay and worked with what I had.  I thought I had done a video and I was pretty proud of what we did.  Tripp was so good and we were both very comfortable and smooth.  I checked the camera - NO VIDEO!  ACK!  So I tried it again and thought I messed it up again.  So I had to do it a 3rd time.  Well, by the 2nd time Tripp was done and had enough, and he was getting a bit cranky.  We rode thru that silly ring several times without a hitch, and now he decides to balk.  I did catch Boom peeking over the round bale from about 20-30 ft away making faces at us.  Believe it or not, Tripp was responding to him.....ugh!

I know this is blurry....but it is still kinda neat.  Thomas the cat walked across the road with me to watch the sunset.  He plopped himself down and gazed that way for quite a while...I often wonder if animals appreciate stuff like that too....now I know.  (There was probably a mouse moving around in the leaves...ha ha!)

The sunset Saturday night was beautiful!  I never cease to be amazed at where all the colors come from, and how each sunset is original.

Sunday I headed to a friends and we rode in her arena.  I took my camera intending to set it up for some video, but forgot.  We rode about an hour and had a nice chat.  It was good for Tripp to get out and about. 

Until later....Karen and Tripp who says it would be way more cool to DRIVE something with a Hemi under the hood instead of hanging around with a wrinkle faced Hemi. 

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