Friday, January 6, 2012

Video - Inside Nature's Giants - Racehorse

WARNING:  This video is of a dissection/necropsy on a racehorse.  If you are sensitive about stuff like that, be happy knowing it was very interesting, and move on to something else.  :-)

Now, this was amazing!  It shows how the body works, and you get to see everything from the muscles and tendons to the lungs, heart, etc.  It really was amazing and I don't know that I will be able to watch a horse run without thinking about this video and the mechanics.

For those who watch it, I hope you really like it!
P.S. It is almost 47 minutes long and normally you won't catch me watching a You Tube video 4 minutes long!  I zipped thru this tonite - and no commercials!

There are all kinds of the 'Inside Nature's Giants' videos...I had not heard of them until someone posted this one on the Wholehorsehealth group I am on.  

Until later, Karen and he who refuses to put his name on this post.

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