Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I like this time of year....I don't like this time of year...I like this time of year...

I like this time of year because no bugs are buzzing around the horses (or me).
I don't like this time of year because it can get a little too cold for me.
I like this time of year because I can bury my face into the fuzzy neck of whoever is the closest...then I work my way thru the group wondering if each one smells different.
I don't like this time of year because the mud is frozen in sharp peaks, or mushy from a day of thaw.
I like this time of year because basking in the sun seems to be a special moment to the horses....and they know and appreciate it.  :-)  And for some reason it makes me feel at peace too.

Grandma Tandee, who as of 2012 is 31 yrs old, is hanging out with Batman in the sun.

Grandma Tandee says you can teach an old horse new tricks....there is something to this laying on the ground thing!

I got a neat picture of Tandee a while back with the sun setting behind her.  I cut it in half and made a book mark out of it.  Nevada doesn't know it, but he will be a book mark too.


Susie, Brian's QH mare, has heard about this self portrait thing.  She thinks this is fun!  Wow....I look like crap! :-)

Boom was hanging out with Tandee and the donks.  He was not aggressive, but he was the dominant one and I got worried about Tandee not getting enough time at the bale.  She eats slower than the others and I don't want her doing without.....so Boom got booted out with the outside bunch.  He has a couple of new girlfriends.  He is also liking the extra bodies to get lost in when I come out there.  So far he will still face up to me at a distance, but I am going to have to make more time to keep those lessons sharp.  Perfect example of lots to do but not enough time....but no complaints.  I am very lucky to get to wake up to horses in my back yard every day!
I was also surprised that the squealing between he and Tripp was at a minimum.  They faced up and stomped, Boom did some kicking but only when someone got in the back side of his bubble, but all in all it went very well.  Whew!

Boom and his new girlfriend, Wendigo.  He is still very independent.

Stormy wanted in on the self portrait action.


Whatcha doing down there?  Practicing falling off again?

I love early mornings...


My 2011 blogging was at a minimum...I really don't know what happened.  Well, that isn't 100% true.  I know part of what happened.  Hopefully 2012 is better!

Until later....Karen and Tripp who is snickering because he didn't have to do a self portrait or funny face this time.

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