Monday, April 12, 2010

Before, After, and other stuff...

 Wow, things have been busy around here, but that is a good thing!  If anybody ever hears me say I am bored, please slap me down!  Okay, not really...but find a nice way of letting me know I am nuts!  :-)
We have had several dry days in a row, and the past few days have been fantabulous!  Here are just a few pictures of Paco and Thunder from the past few days.....

Both boys came from the BLM pens with mud balls all over them, and their hips were a solid mass of hardened mud.   Then we had nothing but rain for a while and their pen was a pit.

Here is Paco in all honesty, he doesn't normally get this dirty.  I had brushed most of him off and this is what he did the next day.  :-)  

Now Thunder on the other hand stays dirty...I did get him brushed off half way down his body, so here is a before shot with his back mud free....but the rest of him is caked.  (his head really is not that much bigger than his body...bad photo angle on my part)


Yesterday we introduced them to the water hose, and they did great!  I knew that once they settled down they would realize the hose was a good thing!  When I was squirting Paco's hind quarters, he would stick his nose in front of the spray.  He loved playing in the hose!


I was doing a fan spray thing because he was lipping at the water, and he thought that was pretty fun too...

Brian was helping me out with some training sessions and hosing off time.  We tag teamed both boys and while one would hose a horse, the other would try to soften the mud patties on the other.  Look!  It is the beginning of a white hind leg on Thunder!


Thunder liked drinking out of the hose too.

Saturday I let everyone out for a while.  Tandee, the white mare is shaking after a good roll...check out the hair on the grass.  Then Batman thought he needed to do what Grandma Tandee did....

Then Paco thought that looked he would follow suit.....and let me tell you what, he ended up rolling UP hill!  :-)    Good boy!

Brian and I worked together yesterday with the boys.  We walked all around the yard, which probably isn't a big deal for most people, but we have enough junk laying around for them to check out, walk over, etc.  Lots to look at and think about.  Brian took Paco and I took Thunder.

Brian and Paco walking thru the back yard after crossing the little 'ditch'...

Now they are crossing the log in the front yard.

Look!  Thunder is wearing a saddle pad!

There is nothing that will freak a horse out quicker...okay, there is....miniature horses seem to freak out big horses, and llamas seem to freak them out too....anyways, ONE of the many things that will test the bravery of a horse is for you to get on the ground and look up at them, maybe scoot around a little bit.  They think it just isn't right.....a friend, Jill (who helped save Ace the mustang from a sale) got on the ground and did some video of her horses reactions to her rolling around down there.  She said it was the funniest darn thing.  I have not tried that is on the to-do list.  These two are getting used to seeing me down low.

I still love the lightning bolt on Thunders nose...

Yesterday was a busy day for Paco and Thunder both.  They each got a couple good sessions of 'play' during the day, then after we were done with bath time we let them in the yard to graze.  I love when the shot works out and I get the velvety nose with a little bit of a wrinkle while they are grazing...

LOOK!  Thunder has white stockings on his back legs!  He has some really neat brown markings mingled within the white...very neat!

They both ran and played for a while when it was time for me to catch them...I think they plan it that way.  They treat it like a big game, which of course it isn't a game to me, but come on, when they are looking so good and having so much fun, how can I not smile?  I let them do their thing, I follow along, then they stop and look at me as if to say "Oh, you meant ME?"  I gather them up and to the pen we go.  I don't blame them...I would rather stay on the grass too...but I am careful about how much time I let them stay out there.  Don't need any founder issues.

It was a great weekend and I had a lot of fun with them.  Brian helping me work both of them together is a great help too because they get to practice getting used to walking with someone behind them, beside them, etc., and that was hard for them to take at first.  Finally Paco said "Yeah, whatever...." and Thunder said "Yeah, what he said." and away we went.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Until later....Karen and Tripp who will be in another post the next day or two.  (we rode a little bit this weekend) 

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