Friday, April 2, 2010

Flash settles in at his new home...

I heard from Flash's new adopter, and he has settled in quite nicely.

Here is Flash and his new herd: Left to right we have Flash, Pepper, an unbranded mustang, Crazyhorse the paint and the sorrel is Freedom, a branded mustang. He looks happy...which means I am happy. :-)

Crazyhorse the paint took Flash the paint under his hoof (wing)...I think it is cute. We have the two paints and the two mustangs. They all know they are horses and are more wonderful than we can describe in words....yeah, it is great when they know how they affect us. Warm fuzzies...

Here they are again...Crazyhorse is napping. Flash must have been asking too many questions.

Boatie the dog is just a puppy! He is going to be a big boy. Flash's new Mom says that Boatie is glad to see Flash from the front instead of two hooves coming his direction.

He had a long day getting to know his new friends...whew, it is exhausting!

I am happy to see Flash happy! I think he will be around there for a while...just have a good feeling about it.

Have a wonderful night...
Until later...Karen and Tripp who showed himself when he told Flash not to let the gate hit him in the butt on the way out! Tripp really misses him...he is just trying to be tough.

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