Friday, April 16, 2010

Paco and Thunder here....check us out wearing a pad and little saddle!

Hello everyone!  Let us introduce ourselves....Thunder is on the left and Paco is on the right.  Does the background look a little different?  That is because we have been moved to the real mustang area set up inside the donk/llama/mini/Arab pen.  This is the area where all new mustangs usually go, but we had to stay in the front yard because of the mud - the truck, trailer and tractor could not make it back here.  Look how flat and dry the ground is!  (There is a big mud pile beside the pen where a little tractor looking thingy - they call it a bobcat but we don't know why...doesn't look like any bobcat we have seen....but it shoved all the mud in piles to help make the ground flatter.

We have been learning a few things, and they all start out scary, or just plain annoying but we get used to it.  None of them have hurt us....yet!  Sometimes it is hard to know at first that everything is fine, but the girl is patient with us and we finally get there.  She shows her teeth a lot - they call it a smile - when we do something good.  We just lick our lips and chew on imaginary extra stuff left in our mouth when we think we got it...and are thinking about it a second.

Check us out wearing a navajo pad...we look pretty schnazzy, don't we?

We will admit, at first it did not look very friendly at all, but when she started rubbing us with it....oooohhhh la felt so good!

OH! Let me tell this part!  Hello!  This is Paco speaking....and I am letting you all know I am a mans man!  Don't like pink, don't need pink, but look what the girl made me wear!  (Notice how I look away...she deserves this for making me wear the thing with pink on it!)

And then to top it off.....she said something about "Oh, let's accessorize....."  (insert sarcastic little 'Whatever' here...) then she added the pink ball to the picture!  You all might think that I look like I am okay with it.  Just so you all know, I was still in shock and thinking "REALLY?????"

 Okay okay, my turn!  This is Thunder, and seeing as I am an Indian pony, I thought I looked pretty slick in the navajo pad!  And I am tough enough to wear pink, so we sported the thing with pink on it over my navajo pad (notice I said MY pad...I staked claims on it for now).

I will admit...the pink really doesn't go with the red, so we put it on the muddy little pad that used to be all blue.  I think it has a better look with the saddle, what do you think?

The girl said something about getting another saddle out...we have not seen it yet but it is supposed to have more stuff that will flap around.  I WILL BE BRAVE!  :-)

Hello, the girl is back, and we did not cinch anything up, just put it on them and walked them around. 
Paco and Thunder have moved to the new mustang area, so now the whole group is close together. 

Here are the boys and the llama eating.  The llama thinks the horses get preferential treatment since they get the timothy hay.  I tried to tell him it is because that is what was in line.  I love them all equally!  :-)

Yesterday Brian and I took off work to get some stuff done around the house.  After completing one task we sat on buckets and looked at our work.  These dandelions were sitting there with a sliver of sun on them...they were so pretty.

When Brian was moving more dirt around, I tried my English Wintec on Tripp and rode a little bit.  It is too wide - just doesn't fit.  I did realize I missed the small lightweight saddle so will be on a hunt for one that fits him.  I was hoping to ride the English class at the Charity Horse Show on Saturday.  Oh is all good.

Silhouette shot of Tripps head.  Brian was double checking my trim job on his hooves when I caught this...the sky was so pretty last night.


We had a great day yesterday, but it is weird taking a day off during the week.  We got almost everything done that was on the list - gotta love lists to stay focused! 

I have to head out to feed now....have a great day everyone!  HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Until later....Karen and Tripp who gets to go to mounted shooting practice tonite!  (We signed up for a beginners class in May so are going to introduce Tripp to the shooting part)

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