Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flash and his new wranglers.....plus Spring creepy crawlies and other stuff...

I do believe that Flash is very happy in his new home.  I mean come on, who can not be happy with such cute short people to love on him and give him a job worthy of himself?  :-)  Here is their short story....

Hi!  Do you all remember Flash the pony?  Well, he came to live with us and we are his new wranglers.  We are on our way out to round him up!

We love Flash!  Not only is he the perfect tallness for our shortness, he is an Indian pony!  What kid doesn't want an Indian pony?  Here is Flash showing how great he is....if we have to get away fast, it is good to know he can carry all of us to safety!

Then of course I had to ride by myself.  (Karen, the other lady who also loves Flash thinks that I remind her of herself when she was my tallness....could not keep her off a horse that was close by!) 

The beginning.....never the end!

I am so happy that Flash has kids to keep him occupied.

Well folks, Spring is officially here and with it comes the creepy crawlies.  Just the other day when I was flipping the tarp up on the stacked hay by the new mustangs I said to myself "Self, you need to start paying attention because spiders and wasps are going to start hanging out under here!"
One even after work I am flipping the tarp back.......

ACK!!!!!  HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!!

She is one big spider!  YIKES!  I would rather take on a grizzly bear than deal with spiders.  Okay, I have never officially taken on a grizzly, so it is easy enough to say since I live someplace where I don't have to worry about that, but you get the idea!  They really creep me out....but they have a purpose.....so in between trying not to puke (yes, they bother me that bad) I was trying to get her moved so I could get some hay.

Look at her look at me.....click on the picture so it is big, then look at the glow in her eyes.  Oh yeah...she is waiting to pounce!

Now I am going to take you to a happy place of mine.  I work at a place that has a garden, and it is free for people to come walk, have picnics, and in the summer my place of employment has different bands come in to play in the gazebo on Sundays.  Literally hundreds of people bring out their chairs to listen to the music.
The other day when I was out eating lunch and reading, I decided to snap a few pictures with my new camera.  Yep, I have a new camera since the other one was messing up so bad.  Thank goodness for extended warranties!

Anyways, this is my favorite bench in the garden.  There is a bird feeder and a bird bath close by, and the squirrels come up close.  It is very peaceful and a great place to relax at lunch.

From my bench I can see these trees...the blossoms are just beautiful this year!

We also have a Japanese garden with many Japanese maples.  Darn, just realized I didn't get pictures of those.  Will have to do that.  I did get a picture of the little pond and a statue....

This is an old school house that has been there forever and it is decorated with the old antique wooden desks and a pot belly stove. 

There are a couple of ponds and a small water fall that will have koi (big gold fish) in them soon.

Wow, nothing like going from Flash, spiders, and to a peaceful garden.  I am lucky to have such a place to visit at lunch (or whenever I want).

Until later....Karen and Tripp who wants to graze in the garden among the friendly squirrels...

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mkyamse said...

It's wonderful that Flash is thriving in his new home. Dummy me listened to you and enlarged the spider pic. WTH was I thinking???