Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Copper wants to show off his new family!

Hello everyone!  Most of you who keep up with the blog know about Copper and the 2009 EMM.  He sure has had quite a journey, and I would like to thank Matt and Christin Bonn for the extra training they agreed to put on him for the original adopters (they did not work out, so he has his new current adopters).  That extra training gave him a much better chance to succeed.  And succeed he has!  Our boy Copper has a GREAT new home and he wants to tell us about it.

HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  Copper here!  I sure have learned a lot over the past few months, and for a while I did not know what would happen to me, but I didn't worry about it very much because I always had a good meal and lots of equine and human friends around.  I am a very lucky mustang....I am loved!

I would like to introduce you to my new person, Carrie.  When Matt took me to meet her, he showed me off and I must have looked purdy darn good because she fell in love with me!  Hmmm hmmmm, after all, what isn't to love!?  Yeah, I am a lucky mustang...I am loved.

My new Mom has a daughter.  Wow, look at her riding that horse that is almost as big as me!  I wonder if she will ride me someday too?  She sure is cute, and she loves me just as much as my new Mom does. I am a lucky mustang....I am loved.

Look at me!  When I stand just right, I am taller than normal!  I think I am going to like the Tennessee hills!  I am a lucky TALL mustang....I am loved.

Here I am with my friends relaxing in my new home....

Yes, I am a very lucky mustang...I am loved!
To all of you who have asked about me, thank you for caring!  You call can rest assured that life is good, and you guessed it....I AM LOVED!!!!  Woo hoo!

There you have it....Coppers story and his new family.  You all just can't imagine how happy I am that he has such a great home!  Then again you probably can......
And they don't mind me being a Copper Stalker.  When I e-mailed them I let them know I would not be a Copper Stalker and bother them too much, just wanted to introduce myself and check on him.  :-)
Carrie, thank you so much for sending the pictures!  They are great!

I have to head back to do!

Until later....Karen and Tripp  

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mkyamse said...

Thanks for the update. I am so glad he has found his own person. =)