Sunday, April 25, 2010

The escapees and just stuff....

I got home from work one night and thought I saw the llama in the outside barn lot - and then I realized Tandee and Batman were out there too.  A gate panel got left open when we were moving dirt and they decided to venture out.  All three were happy to follow me back in to their area.  I am glad that Batman was okay!

Look!  Paco ground ties!  Okay, not really....he grass ties.  :-)

One evening we were working on trailer loading with Thunder and he was standing in the door when he jumped back and bonked his head - not once, but twice!  OUCH!  He knocked the hair off but no open wounds.  Whew!  That night we got him back up to it just sat there while he sniffed around and relaxed.  The next night I worked with him and he put two feet in a couple of times.  Then came the rain and since the floor of the trailer would be slick, I have not tried it since.  What is funny is he has been in that trailer so many times!  It was hooked to their pen and both horses jumped in every day.  Go figure!  Paco is loading very well.  He drives right in.

Here is Thunder trying real hard to come in....

I thought he did real well.  When Brian got home he changed clothes and took Thunder for a walk.  Thunder got spoiled and got to eat grass for a while...look at that tail of his!  It is so thick and beautiful!  Yes, I mean Thunder!  Ha ha!

Brian hung out with Thunder a while and was putting his arm over Thunders head.  Thunder was so relaxed and just looking around.  Another little break thru...that feeling of confinement did not get the best of him.  Good boy Thunder!

That little spot on his nose has not healed yet, so I will be calling the vet this week to get it looked at.  We were hoping the antibiotics would take care of it.  Either way, the swelling has gone down so it will be easier to check out.  I was wondering about an abscessed tooth....guess we will find out.

I have been gone a couple of days for the ACTHA ride, and I feel like I have been gone forever.  We have had so much rain here and all the pens are soupy again.  Ugh!  Oh well...lots of petting and hanging out.  There is still a lot I can do even if it isn't what I want to do.  :-)

Life around here is good - flowers are blooming, Brian got the garden tilled, and the bees seem to be doing well.  We will be opening the boxes when the sun comes out again...we need to make sure the queen is laying eggs.

That is all for now....

Until later....Karen and Tripp who says that both of these horses are going to be great!

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