Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family Visit on Sunday Afternoon....

Hello!  This is my Aunt Marianne from Minnesota.  She and my Uncle Gordie came to visit the critters...they had to visit with me by default.  Ha ha!
Look!  Batman has another fan!

Aunt M wanted to be sure to visit all the animals, and I think she got to meet almost everyone.  A few of the horses were down the hillside, but the ones who are attention starved kept her busy.
She just met Stormy....

Tripp thought it was a trick!  He had to work Friday night AND Saturday all day.  I told him he would have Sunday off since he was not used to it.  He just knew I was going to go back on my word.  He was wrong....I let him know being social was not work (okay, sometimes it is) and we were not going to make him do anything that required him to wear that big heavy saddle.  Aunt M has been following the story of Tripp since I brought him home, so she felt like she was meeting someone famous. 

Joker loves to go into the small shallow pond to eat the green stuff.

My Mom and her hubby Mike came up to visit too (darn it!  did not get pix of him and the llama!), and Mom and Aunt M introduced themselves to Paco and Thunder.  Look out boys!  You have two crazy ladies who loved horses as kids and used to go ride who they could any way they could....and they think about it now and say WOW!  It is amazing we didn't kill ourselves!  Ha ha!  Has not changed much for many of us, eh?

Paco, you are under my spell and I am going to lead you....


I had to laugh at this photo.  My Mom is in the red and Aunt M is in the light blue, and it looks like they are towing the horses along.  It really was not that bad - I just happened to get the shot that makes it look like this.  Paco and Thunder both were very good and followed along with a few speed bumps along the way.

Thunder, you are under my spell too...

Mom really fell in love with Thunder...and Aunt M is taking pictures of everything...

Mom leading Thunder around.  Thunder leads good most of the time so they just went on their merry way...

Can I see your teeth???

SMOOCH!  Right on the nose!

Uncle Gordie got a kick out of all the horses too, not to mention the other critters.   This isn't golf, but it is a nice diversion.  :-)

It was such a fun afternoon!  I sure wish we had more time to hang out and visit.  Aunt M was amazed that she was actually petting and hanging out with mustangs....she kept asking my Mom "Did ever in your life you think you would be able to pet a mustang from the wild?"  It was very neat!

Thanks for visiting us!  :-)

Until later....Karen and Tripp who thought he was going to have to work again...hee hee!

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