Thursday, April 15, 2010

What do Roller Derby and horses have in common?

Both can hurt ya if you are not careful!  :-)  On the other hand, the Derby Dames wear helmets as protection, and some riders choose to wear helmets as protection, and both are very FUN FUN FUN.  Also, the Derby Dames skate on the edge...and some riders ride on the edge.  Here is a group shot of the CoMo Derby Dames, and they won their bout the other night!  Woo hoo!  Back when I got interested in endurance riding, the riding apparel was a little more crazy...kind of like what you see here.  Love it!

Last weekend was a great one.  In addition to going to the Roller Derby we stayed home all day Saturday and Sunday, and I made time to play with horses.  Saturday while Brian was moving dirt with the tractor, I threw a halter on Tripp and took a short bareback ride to get a feel for what he was going to be like.  He did good and I had a great time.

Millie started out laying down and I thought we would ride right by her.  She got up, shook her head a little bit, then lowered it like this.....we skedaddled right out of there!  That cow can hustle when she wants to!

Epona checking me out up on Tripp....she is not far off from being started, and boy oh boy, won't she be in for a surprise!  She really is a sweetheart and layed back, so once she learns what it is all about, I think she will be a fun trail horse.

I like when Batman checks out the turkeys because it really shows how big the turkeys are and how small he is.  :-)

Brian and I have not had the pleasure of being pelted by llama spit - but the donks are not so lucky.  We have seen him spit on them but have not seen the 'product' of the spit.....until now!  EWWWW!  Zjax was eating out of the feed pan and the llama got mad.  I heard the sneeze like sound and checked it you have the 'product' of llama spit!  See the green spot on Z's nose, right at the edge of the light and dark hair?  EWWW!

Sunday I saddled Tripp up and rode around the yard.  We have a lot of stuff laying around so there is one obstacle and scary thing right after another, so I was able to spend quite a bit of time in the saddle and not get bored.  We rode around Paco and Thunders pen for a while to get them used of seeing someone up above them, and this is the reaction I got.  It was very uneventful, and I like that!

We hung out with Brian while he tilled the garden...

The funnest part of the day was when we chased the donks and llama!  It started out so innocent....the donks were standing around in the garden, we came close, they what is left to do but chase after them?  We trotted around the yard after them and I don't know who had more fun - us or them!  They had their noses and tails in the air and would come around one way, then we would try to trick them and head the other way.  They are smart!  They started to expect us to come around the other way.  Here we are right before the chase started.

Tripp and his shadow....

Tripp checking to make sure I am still there...

Okay, this is hilarious!  Batman is almost a year old (May), and he has finally started showing respect to the other horses.  He is doing his little teeth clack thing, and this is one of the many pictures I took of him after trotting up to Tripp and showing his respect.  Click on this picture to get the full effect....Michelle, I promise it isn't like the spider eyes (hee hee!)....check out Batmans smile!  Isn't this just a hoot?  He looks like a cartoon!

Here is a cropped pix of his smile....I just can't stop laughing!

After our little ride around the yard, I spoiled him and let him eat grass with the others who are out there.  Tripp is showing off his brand.

Tripp shared grass with Batman....Batman was so happy to have another mustang friend back!

Pretty flowers.....

Batman eating next to the pretty flowers....check out his shedding pattern around his eyes and nose. 

After it was time to put Tripp back in the big area, Nevada decided to come check things out.  He has to keep an eye on his herd you know....

Nevada and Tripp wanted their picture taken together...

HA HA HA!!!!  Check out Tripp in this self portrait!!!!  Where are those ears?

Then of course....the eye.  The eye tells all....

The weather has been great and I am doing everything I can to make good use of my daylight hours.  There is a Charity Horse Show this weekend and I plan on attending.  The show benefits Chance Cole, a 5 yr old little boy who has brain cancer, and the last account I had, he will be able to be at the show!  Yay Chance!  Tripp and I will only do the walk/trot stuff...our canter still needs some work.  Okay, we need to learn to do it without butt hops!  Ha ha!  The experience will be good for both of us, it is for a great cause (we are saying a lot of prayers for you Chance), and I will get to see a lot of people I have not seen in a while.
The show is Saturday, April 17th at Midway, just outside of Columbia, MO.  The show starts at 9:00 a.m.

That is all I have time for right now.  Brian and I took off work today to get stuff done outside before the rain has been a very productive day.  Snack time is over and it is time to head back out.

Until later....Karen and Tripp who is going to try on an English saddle for the show.  It isn't a Fun Show per se, but it will be like one to me.  There are not any games other than barrels and poles, so I need to try to do other things...and an English class is one of those things.  I don't have the proper attire or know how for some of this stuff, but I am doing it anyways.  :-)

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