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Busted!!! January 5, 2014..

January 5, 2014

I am not used to sitting around watching people work.  I am a doer, I am a helper (not that I don't have my lazy days).  This ordeal has been rough because I feel worthless...I can't even get enough leverage to open a can of cat food.  Brian has been amazing!  He has been very busy at work, and trying to balance his kids and taking care of me.  He has easy meals fixed and ready, and he was my Pit Crew (when I had to shower with a bag over my arm, and it hurt to touch anything, he shaved my arm pits for me....Pit Crew!), and he braided my hair for me.  I have been very blessed to have him help me.

We had a lot of snow and Brian was napping...I wanted to help since he has been so stressed out and pulled in lots of different directions.  I had a plan!  I would go let Tandee out of the barn and get back in before he knew what happened.

Here I am struggling with the gate chain single handed....

And when I turn around....ACK!  Deny deny deny is not going to work in this case!

Brian says "One day before surgery and you finally blatantly break the rules!"
What he means by that is the next morning is my second surgery!  I calmed him down by reminding him that I was just trying to help, and it all turned out okay.  :-)
Besides, I had not broke any rules in two months!  The fresh air did me good and I got to feel like I did something good...until I got caught.  Ha!  

How did he catch me?  He said he heard he door shut and thought I was going to get the newspaper or feed the dogs (I can do that single handed).  But when I didn't come back in the amount of time I should have come back, he knew I was up to no good.  

Earlier in the day I got out for a little while and took a few pictures.
The wind was blowing like crazy and it was COLD!  Lots of drifting in some spots and bare ground in other spots.  My only worry was the next morning...I did not want them to reschedule my surgery to get the hardware taken out.

I know it has been a rough winter, but I have missed being able to go out in it.  There have been worries about how slick it was and we didn't want me to fall.  Ya know, if this was a normal break, I would have been healed and out riding in the snow by now!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who says "Define normal...."

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