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November 2, 2013...ride at Eisenhower State Park in Kansas...

All pictures of me were taken by Beth Ridenour (

I got to help work an ACTHA ride here before (anybody remember a blog post about Mile Marker #2?), but I never got to ride the trails.  Our Mustang Club was planning a birthday ride on Sunday, November 3rd, so me and another friend thought we would meet up, ride on Saturday the 2nd, camp out for the night, then go for a short early morning ride on the 3rd, then meet up with the group.

Saturday was a great day....I took Tripp and Wyoming both so Beth could ride Tripp.  Beth rode him about a week before this so she was not getting on someone she didn't know.

We were the only ones in the parking lot at this time... the day was very sunny, cool, and windy.  The horses started out feeling fresh but settled in quite nicely.

Some of the trails were a brush-hogged path through the prairie grasses...I have not ridden anywhere so open in years.  I was so excited!

Beth taking a picture of Wyoming and I.

Beth is checking out the photos in her viewfinder....isn't Tripp cute?  :-)

We are so happy to be out in the open!

Beth giving me the thumbs up!  :-)

Look how far away Tripp and Beth are...and Wyoming is fine with it.  (November 3rd entry will have a whole new response from Wyoming)
That sky.....awesome!

Wyoming was very cautious over the bridge, but he stuck to the middle like a trooper!  I am so glad Beth got this picture.

Beth took this picture of the red foliage in the middle of the brown...

Wyoming and I trekking along...

We are getting closer to the lake.  I have seen the lake from the parking lot, but not by horseback.  I love the water so was very excited about being able to ride closer to where we can view the beauty.

Beth took this picture of the double tree shadow...I love this!

Beth and Tripp enjoying wide open spaces...

Beth and Tripp moseying along...

This is the Kansas version of Big Sky Country...

Wyoming was wearing a leather side-pull that belongs to Beth's mustang, Logen.  The fitting was off but it gave me an idea whether I would like something like this or not.

Oh oh!  Mile Marker #2!  What is a girl and a mustang to do with a Mile Marker #2?

Have their picture taken by it?  :-)

Or try to take it back to camp?  :-)
(At the ACTHA ride a few years ago, Brian and I were working at Obstacle #2, so we thought this was for the obstacle.  We took it back to camp when we were done.  Nope, it was Mile Marker 2 and belongs to the park!  Ooops!  Hey, at least we were not leaving anything but footprints behind...ha ha!)

This is so pretty!  The hawks were soaring on the breezes and it was just so peaceful out there.

Mile Marker #3 is safe.

Tripp:  "Are we done yet?????"

I have had a lot of great views from between these ears this year...

Mile Marker 9.5....but I joked about going 95 miles.  Ha ha!  Our ride was actually 6 1/2 miles long.  The trails criss-cross around and we came back on the bigger trail loop.

I take it we were not supposed to go past the stick gate.

Oh look!  We recognize that parking lot!

What a great ride we had!  Both boys did great, the day was gorgeous, we talked and laughed a lot.  Glorious day!

Beth is very particular and is taking very good care of Tripp...

Us on the trail....

We had a wonderful day!  We planned on camping out knowing it was supposed to get down to 40 degrees.  We then got a phone call from the birthday girl, April, and she invited us to stay at her place so she didn't have to worry about us freezing to death.  So when we were done, we headed to her house.

We tucked Tripp and Wyoming into 'pen' and sat around visiting all evening.  Great way to end a perfect day!

April decided she would go on the morning ride with us.  We would be back early enough to get Beth on the road for a meeting she had, and for April and I to take the ride with whoever showed up from our Mustang Club.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who says that he really did have a great time!

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