Wednesday, March 19, 2014

December 17, 2013....winter drive through Amish country...

I really should have kept a journal through all of this.  At this time, my arm/wrist was still bandaged up so I was not going anywhere except work and home.  I drove over to a friends (Brian took me on a test drive so I was cleared to drive) and I rode along while she ran errands.  It felt good to get out and see a route other than the one I had been seeing.  Driving was a bit stressful for me; all my concentration was on the road and not getting my arm stuck between the wheel and me.  Guess you would have to see it to know what I mean. Trust could be a real problem.  :-)

Here is Mercury, the mini Jersey heifer, and Jester the donkey on the other side of the fence.  This is the farm that had the Living Nativity last year.  I took the donkey and llama over, and S got to borrow this cute little heifer for the nativity this year.  Due to the weather, the turn out was not as good as last year, but it was still better than we all thought it would be.  Unfortunately I couldn't participate this year.

I love driving through Amish country.  On my way to S's house, I saw this skid coming my direction with their dog running along side.  Getting out, the pretty snow, and the beautiful clouds and blue sky made me happy!  (I was on a dirt road and was driving slow - and stopping to look at cool stuff)

After they drove by me, I just HAD to try to get a picture of this angle....and it worked.  :-)

Here is one of the errands we ran...we had to stop and one of the Amish family homes, and I really wish I could have got a picture as them driving by....they had ice blocks on the wagon and were going to store them in this building.  The blocks were huge!  I really enjoy watching them back up the team....picture a really good trucker backing up a semi truck, except your truck has two brains of their own....and it still goes smooth as silk!

A little bit of cold weather doesn't slow them down...

Oh gosh, this llama made me laugh!  He is huge compared to our llama Chase.  He seemed thoroughly disgusted that we were on his road. 

What is it about Amish laundry?  I don't know...but I love it.  Snow and colors.  I remember when we were kids, my Mom used to LOVE hanging laundry in the winter.  For some reason it not only made everything brighter, it was also softer....once it finally dried.

It was a fun day!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who had no idea I went driving around...

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