Tuesday, March 11, 2014

December winter....I am missing out on some good riding!

I still have the metal plate in my arm so can't ride.  So all I can do is enjoy the beauty of the snow.  I have not been able to crop any photos because my Photoshop thing is not compatible with whatever was done to the computer to fix it.  So you will get to see all raw photos....

Laramie and I in the snow.  It is just getting started.

This goose belongs to the neighbor, but it has been hanging out with the donks and horses instead of with her goose family.

Laramie is a goof ball.  

Misty is older and is slowing down, but she loves laying in the snow.  She is a real life snow dog.

Red and Batman are playing with one of the feed pans.

Rico and Stormy....it looks like Stormy got hit in the side of his face with a snowball.

This is my view out the bathroom window.

Almost home!  The dirt road is covered.

Laramie and Misty...

The next day the sun came out and it was so pretty!  Loved it!  I did try going out to walk around but it was pretty slick so I played it safe and went back inside.  Sure don't need to screw up any healing now!

We did not have near as much snow as other places, but it was enough to put people in bad moods.  I loved it.  It makes things bright and cheery, which to me is much better than drab brown ground and plants.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who loves what his girl loves!  ;-)


lytha said...

Hi, Since you have Mustangs I have to tell you about this crappy book I tried to read recently based on the recommenation of a friend. In German. It's called "Prairie Lady" by Sharon Wagner, written in 1975. It's about a girl who catches a wild Mustang and tames it by speaking to it and giving it oats - it's absolutely ridiculous. At one point, since the horse is terrified of ropes, she has a bad experience trying to teach it to lead, and she lays down and goes to sleep in the pen. When she wakes up, the wild horse is lying next to her, pretty much tamed. I had to give the book back, cuz I've read enough blogs about people and their experiences with real Mustangs, I know that they don't just magically start to like you after a few days of laying out oats on the ground and taking a nap in their pen.

Karen C. said...

Well heck! I have been doing it all wrong! Ha ha! I will say the first touch based on trust and their curiosity feels totally magical. And every one of ours would have asked what oats are...they don't serve those out West. Ha!