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The remainder of October, 2013...told in March, 2014...

Wow, I have been gone a long time.  It is a long story that I can shorten up...  My computer broke and for 2 1/2 months I didn't care.  I didn't care because in early November I broke my wrist (that post will be coming once I get to November's posts).  It was a mess, and healing has been a process.  Brian got the computer fixed and I am back to typing with two hands - AND getting photos loaded to he computer.  Oh my gosh, I had over 600 e-mails in my in-box, and over 150 of them were e-mailed photos I sent myself.  Sometimes I wish I did not like blogging or photos so much.  But I do!  :-)

The end of October was a long time this is going to be a hodge podge and me looking at photo's thinking "Oh yeah!  What a great day!" or "Oh yeah!  What a fun day!"  or "Oh my gosh!  That was so pretty!"  :-)

I believe this was October 27th...I am always surprised at the walnut tree and the oak tree in the front yard.  The walnut tree is the last to bloom in the spring, and the first to lose her leaves in the fall.  And the oak gloats...

I was happy to look through these photos!  I have not been riding and it is driving me crazy.  This reminded me what a great day I had.  There is nothing like a sunny fall day to spend time with your horse.

I was sitting on a grassy bank letting Wyoming munch on grass....this was a reminder to never forget to look UP!  You might miss something.  The sun was glowing through the leaves, and the leaves were moving in a very light breeze.  A day of perfection.

Walking stick on a tree...

It was warm enough to play in the creek...

DOH!  Snack break!

I had put the cavallos on his fronts.  They are a tad bit big, but not big enough for the wraps to work.  During all his splashing the little connectors came undone.  I just pulled them off, rinsed them in the creek, then put them back on.

Look closely....this made me smile great big!  Nobody they are all gone riding.  They left their crutches leaning against the trailer!  Don't you love it?  :-)

This is one of those scenes that was better in person.  The weedy things were almost glowing in the sun and lightly swaying in the breeze.


I am glad that I kept a spreadsheet for my mileage in 2013.  My notes for this ride were awesome!  Anybody who reads this knows that I have mentioned Wyoming having issues with meeting horses on the trail, then them going their own way.  Usually, instead of getting into a fight I might not win, I get off and say my hello's as I am leading Wy down the trail.  Once we get past the point of him being tense, I get on and we go on our merry way.

Well, today we had THREE great lessons!  I met a group of 5 riders and I decided to stay on longer.  We chatted for a quick minute and I let them know what I was doing, and if I get off when they go by, it is okay.  They were happy to know this and to 'help' with Wy's training.  :-)  They rode by and Wy got tense and tried to look around, but I asked him to keep moving.  He questioned my judgment but RODE ON FORWARD!!!!  WOO HOO!  I was literally laughing out loud in the woods!  This was a HUGE break through and I was so happy!  A few minutes later I met 2 riders and they were moving pretty quick.  I did not have time to do anything but say hello, and as they went by Wy was more agitated than he was with the first group, but after he gave his very pitiful little whinny, WE RODE ON FORWARD!  AHHHH!!!  I couldn't stop giggling.  I know this is only the beginning, and every time isn't going to be this good, but it is a big start in the right direction!  It was a couple hours later I heard another group coming (when I first started taking Wy out on the trails again, if he heard horses in the distance he would lose his mind).  As it turns out, it was the group of 5 again, and they were happy to help out again.  Wy was a gem, and we even trotted up the small hill right after we all passed each other.

We also rode by the shooting range and I could hear that they had many sizes of fire power out there.  Deer season is around the corner and it is time to get sighted in.  One sounded like a cannon.  My goal here was to make it by them with the cannon sound in front of him, not behind.  We stood around a while watching them and Wy jumped a little but, but it was not out of control.  When I heard the cannon go off, I hurried down the hill so that we would be back on the up-hill side when they shot again...that way he was facing the sound again.  Success!

According to my notes we had one big spook, but I don't know where.  All I know is my notes say "One big spook.  SPOOKED IN PLACE!  YES!"  :-)

Hmmm, I just looked at another folder with October pictures.  I will just do another entry...this is long enough.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is NOT jealous of Wyoming.  :-)

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