Tuesday, March 25, 2014

January 6, 2014...Surgery #2....

The accident was November 3rd, first surgery was November 5th, and now it is time to get the pins and metal plate taken out.  OVER TWO MONTHS SO FAR!!!  The weather was questionable....ice and snow for the next morning.  I have been like this for a little over two months...I sure didn't want Mother Nature to delay getting this stuff taken out.

The main highway was covered and had ice spots - we took it slow and all was good.  I kept checking my phone to make sure nobody called to reschedule me.  So far so good!  Only 1/2 hour to go!

We are less than 5 minutes from the Missouri Orthopedic Institute and no message on my phone!  It is looking good!

YES!  We made it!  I am dressed and ready to go...this is going to happen.  This is also when I found out that the surgeons repaired one of the ligaments during the first surgery by pinning it.  That was great news for me because some of the talk was "We won't know about ligament damage until this part is done.  If there is damage another surgery will need to be done to repair it/them."   They reminded me that nothing is 100%, but they felt good about the first fix.

No big surprises this time.  I knew exactly what was going to happen.  I got to see the hardware afterwards but was not allowed to keep it.  The metal plate was narrow and about 10" long and the screws were so tiny.  It was more narrow than I thought it would be and the screws were smaller.  That was because the integrity of the bones were not real good and there was not a whole lot to attach to - so they had to go small with the plate and screws both.  

When I got home I got all propped up in my pillow pile and crashed...Hemi crashed on me.  The left arm is fine...it is propped up in it's own little pillow pile.  That way if it falls when I sleep, it will fall on more pillows.

Brian was not as excited to have Hemi on the couch as I was.  I told Brian I wanted to give Hemi a chance...and if he got a little out of control we would put him back on the floor.  He did alright!  Yay!  I have missed having my Hemi blanket.  :-)

And here is a whole new chapter of denial...for some reason I thought once I got this stuff taken out I would be a little stiff but good to go!  Oh my...was I wrong!  For one thing, I had to wait for the new incisions to heal.  Okay, what is another three weeks?

Until later...Karen and Tripp who says he has never been allowed on the couch...what gives?

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