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November 3, 2013....after the fall....

(I have not looked at these pictures since I loaded them on the computer...I look like I am having too much fun...)

Well, after the fall I wandered around in circles looking for a place to sit down.  I like to sit 'up' so I was looking for a log or large rock - on the Kansas prairie.  Yeah, very smart!  :-)   I was knocked loopy so I have an excuse.  Ha ha!  Beth finally yelled at me to just sit down on the trail and sit down I did!  Ha ha!  I kept breathing deep because I didn't want to pass out.  I will admit - that scared me more than anything.  We were a few miles from the trail head and I didn't want the girls to have to deal with any more than they already were.  You can imagine what crazy things were going through my mind....

We sent April and Zip back to get the truck/trailer, and Beth and I walked the horses to a break in the fence just as April pulled down the road.  We talked about me riding out, but I couldn't get on due to not being able to use the wrist.  The walk did me good.  Beth kept asking me questions along the way to make sure I was thinking straight.  They got the horses loaded up, we got back to the park, and Beth took me to the ER.

You know what the hardest part of this was for me other than screwing up a fun riding day?  I had to call Brian.  He was home 4 hours away.  When I called I had to leave him a voicemail.  So I am like "Hey baby, give me a call when you get a chance."  I did not want to tell him what happened in a voicemail.  He called back and I sounded great - then I told him I was okay, BUT there was an accident.  I filled him in on what was going on and he was not a happy camper.  Heck, he was 4 hours away and couldn't do anything to help me.  That hurt me more than anything...knowing that he was so worried.  I assured him I was okay and he said "Do not let them do surgery on you!  You are in Kansas and they will amputate your hand!"  WHAT?  I just laughed...hoping he was joking.  :-)    

Welcome to Ransom Memorial Hospital in Ottawa, KS!

Wow, I look like I am having a good time!  When life gives you lemons...make one handed lemonade with a two handed friend!  Ha ha!  Well here is the deal; I knew it was not going to be pretty, but at the same time I was still hoping it was just dislocated or something quick and easy to fix.  I have never had either so I had nothing to compare it to. Yes it hurt, but something in me got me through it without too much moaning and groaning.  Everyone says I was in shock but I feel like I was fine...except for one small appendage.    

I am waiting for someone to come visit me.  I know this sounds silly, but I was not happy about the thought of them cutting off my hoodie.  I know it is only a hoodie and I can get another one, but still...I am a cheapskate!  And I have only worn it a couple of times!  One guy was ready to cut and the nurse said she thought she could get it off, that it just seemed wrong to cut off a perfectly good hoodie.  Yes!  I love her! So I gritted my teeth, and she got the hoodie off!  Woo hoo!  She also mentioned my wedding ring and went to get the soap, and we got that sucker off too before I swelled up much more.  I am so glad she was thinking!  Whew!

We really didn't get good angles with this shot.  The wrist looks fine!  When I got back to Columbia we didn't get pictures here either, and Brian was wishing he had.  By then I was tired...it was a long day.

Beth was taking notes for us.  The funniest thing she wrote was a quote from the nurse after she saw me...."Wowza!"  Ha ha!  When she said that I knew whatever she saw was not pretty.

I did not mind that they cut a sleeve off my turtle-neck.  The shirt was very very old, and the hoodie was saved.  I didn't mind sacrificing one item of clothing, and I honestly felt blessed that I was in good enough shape to donate only one sleeve!  :-)
They put ice on my arm until they could get my x-rays looked at.
After x-rays - break confirmed.  Lots of break.  DARN DARN DARN!

They do not have a trauma team here.  They told me to call back the next day to make an appointment for surgery.  Hmmmmm, if I am not bad enough for emergency surgery, I am not bad enough to have to stay here.  I let them know I was going to get back to Columbia, MO.  No problem they said....
Then they got a splint on me to keep it from moving around.  I have never had one of these before...interesting.

 This is the "Wowza!" girl and she was great!  She totally understood because she is a horse girl too.  We all talked about trails, experiences, etc.  She saved the hoodie and got my wedding ring off.  I was very happy with my experience at Ransom Memorial.  All the people who we talked to were very nice and did what they could.

I am all wrapped up and almost ready to go.

Time to find a Walgreens to get some drugs.  It was Hydro something or other....glorified Tylenol.

After I got confirmation of the break and of needing surgery (I was still wrapping my mind around all this...what does a person who needs surgery feel like?  Surely not this way...it just hurt a little bit...weird...) I had to make a couple of calls.  I had to call work to let them know - and we were already short handed.  It really sucked!  I also had to call Brian back.  One way or another he said he was getting me back to Columbia.  I agreed....Columbia has a couple of great Ortho hospitals and I wanted to be closer to home for all this...whatever 'this' was going to be.

We made it back to the park and waited around for the second group of riders to get back.  And don't forget, there was a birthday to celebrate!  :-)
We also needed to rally rides to get me back home.  April offered to let me keep the horses at her place for a week which was very nice.  I am glad we went ahead and took them home.  At the time we had no idea what was to come....

Look who is on alert!  Tripp and Wyoming have been enjoying being pampered by by some of the club members....then they spotted the other horses coming back from the afternoon ride.

Here comes the second group...part of the second group did not ride because of the temps and strong winds.  Horses were fresh and jumpy, and after what happened to me, they were not taking a chance.  I don't think they would have chanced it anyways.  Some of them are so busy they don't ride as often as they would like, and they don't take chances on days like this.  Watching them all come in made me want to cry...I blew my chance to ride with some of them for the first time.  On another note, I was happy to see them come back safe.  

There was a birthday cake and hot apple cider waiting for the birthday girl when she got back.  April the birthday girl was sharing her apple cider with Tripp.

Tripp:  "Why don't you ever give me anything like this at home?"

Happy  Birthday a few months late my friend!  And yes, I had cake too.  I just sat around visiting with everyone, wondering how I was going to convince them to let me drive home...

Okay, you might think I am nuts, but I felt fine except for being one handed.  I have an automatic transmission, I felt great, so I thought I could drive home.  WHAT?  I seemed to be the only one who thought it was a good idea.

So here is what happened.  Randy and Kristi drove my truck/trailer to Kansas City.  I rode with Beth.
We met Brian and his son Jordan.  Randy and Kristi handed Brian the keys to the truck, Beth handed me over to Brian, Beth took Randy and Kristi home, Beth then took herself home.  Brian drove the truck/trailer and Jordan followed us in the car.

Brian met me in Kansas City with a stick horse....he said that is the only horse I will be riding for a long time.  Wow, I had no idea how long that would actually be...

This is where my 2nd ER journey begins...with some good pain meds...

Until later...Karen and Tripp who still doesn't understand Wyoming and his quirks...why can't they all be as good as he is?  Tripp that is.... ;-)

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