Sunday, April 21, 2013

A trail ride before I leave town...

I found out Friday evening (April 12th) that I was needed out of town for work...I would be leaving Monday.  This time is a two week tour instead of a three week tour.  The first thing Brian said was "You need to be sure to get a couple rides in this weekend."  What an AWESOME husband!  :-)

I headed to the same place I always head, and things are starting to spring!  Yay!

Okay, the shelf fungus is not starting to has been springing all winter long.  I am going to keep an eye on this stuff.  Does it thrive in the winter and pooter out in the spring and summer, or is it happy year round?  I don't know....

I was trying to get a picture of the mossy rock, and Tripp threw in a nose photo bomb!  Ha ha!

Now....the mossy rock. 

Another beautiful day and others thought so too...there were folks at the lake fishing. 

DOH!  Self portrait, and a mighty fine one if I say so myself!

As we were saddling up a local saddle club came riding by.  I did not count them, but they were a large group.  Western, English, young, not so young, big horses, little horses, hairy horses, horses that were already slicked off.....a big variety with one thing in common.  Everyone was smiling!
(I know one of the guys in the group - he has adopted mustangs in the past)

They invited us to join them, but I had just started knocking mud off Tripp and knew it would take a while. I thought I would catch up to them but never did.

Family time on a horse....priceless!
(I work with the guy on the left)

We had a good ride, but Tripp seemed a little out of it, and his feet were touchy.  I knew that I would not be taking him out Sunday....

I rode him beside the road a while.  Partly for the soft footing, and partly as a test to address his grass diving issues.  He got away from me twice on this ride, which is not bad.  He has been doing MUCH better.

We got back to the parking lot when a father and daughter team went riding by.   Both were wearing helmets I might add.  Helmets are not something I see out here very much.  The big trail riding group had a couple of them, and that is the first time in a very long time I have seen someone wearing one. 

After our ride I let Tripp eat grass a while...and I untangled a big chunk of his mane.  It is now curly...

When I got home I soaked it with Mane & Tail.  I am hoping it is still untangled when I get back home.

When we got home, Tripp did not even wait for his alfalfa cube treat.  He headed to the rolling spot.

All better!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is happy to be 'clean' again.  :-)

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