Monday, April 1, 2013

Over a month since I logged miles for the Distance Derby!

Dang!  I have not logged any miles for the Distance Derby since February 17th!  The short ride up and down the road was a day the GPS on the phone did not work.  It felt so good to be out!  It was very peaceful, the wildlife was abundant, and there was a light rain most of the ride.

Come check out the trail with us!!!

I can already see some changes....

Tripp:  "Hey Girl, this can't be good.  Whatever pulled those branches off the tree had to be BIG!!!!  I hope it doesn't want to eat a mustang!  Maybe it will like The Girl instead....nicker snort snort!"

Tripp:  "Oh no...another one!  Maybe something is hiding in there!  Yes!  It is a monster blanket!  Just kidding...I am not afraid...hmmm hmmmm....."

Tripp:  "Hold on Girl!  We are going to jump this!  Nicker Snort!  Just kidding!"

Tripp:  "Look Girl, a Super Duper Size Back Scratcher!"

Tripp:  "If I walk by this enough it will knock the mud off my legs."

Tripp:  "Whoa!  No, not me!  Whatever split that thing right down the middle!  A bit harsh, don't ya think?"

Tripp:  "Almost home.  What a ride!  There sure was a lot of damage from the two blizzards we had.  I am glad we were not out here.  We could have been hit in the head by one of those things!"

Sometimes pictures just sneak in the Thomas wanting to pounce the guineas.

Not many pictures because I was having camera problems.  There were a lot of trees and branches down from the storms.  I thought it was fun to ride around them so part of me was hoping they would leave them there a while.

This was a short ride, but a good one.  But then again, aren't they all good?  :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who had fun riding around the fallen stuff.

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