Sunday, April 21, 2013

The chicks graduate to Jr. High....

We got some salmon faverolle chicks the end of March.  I didn't get pictures of them when they were cute little fuzzballs - darn it!  I love them because they have beards and they have feathered feet and five toes.  They are cute and a fun chicken to have around...they have great chickenalities!

In no time at all the chicks started to grow feathers and also started to outgrow their box.  We kept them in one of the back bedrooms and was hoping the weather would get a bit warmer before we put them outside in another pen under warming lamps.  

There are 19 of them, and while most of them ran to the other end of the box when I dropped my camera in for a birds eye view (HA HA!) a few stopped to check it out.

Okay, done looking!  I am outta here!

Brian and his daughter Madison moved the chicks outside...the chicks have graduation to Jr. High!  Brian put boards on the outside of the cage because we were supposed to have more cool nights...I have been gone several days and he tells me that the boards are keeping the cold wind out and the chicks are doing great!  Yay!

Here are the chicks in their new home...they have a couple small logs to practice roosting on.  :-)

I will be back home in about a week and I bet they have grown a lot! 

Until later....Karen and Tripp who says "Yep, tastes like chickin'....."  Nicker snort!

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