Saturday, April 13, 2013

What she can do HE can do better....

One evening after some rain I decided to hop up on Wyoming in the barn lot.  It was muddy and my plan was to just sit and relax...enjoy Wy.  It got me to thinking.  You know how you get on a horse without a saddle, halter, nothing, and you feel kinda nekid, like you have no control at all?  I think Wy felt like that too.  I leaned over and was scratching on his neck and talking to him, but he was on edge.  When he started to move he was very stiff.  I finally hopped off him and told him what a good boy he was.   :-)

Then there is Red.  Red is a big puppy dog, and I sat on him a while...which is like sitting on a couch.  For a little guy he has a flat wide back.  Brian says "Oh man, I don't have my phone so I can't take pictures."  Okay, no worries. 

Fast forward to the next night.....Brian says "IF SHE CAN DO IT I CAN DO IT!  Take my picture!"  Amazing how he all of a sudden has his phone with him  for me to get proof of his fun!  :-)

The reflection on Brian's hand is a reflective strip on his gloves.  Red just stood there letting Brian work his way upright....secretly wishing Brian would hurry up.  :-)

Ta Daaaa!!!!! 

Red started to walk away....

....he headed to the Mud Moate and went right through it.  I felt that was hardly fair!  I had to walk my way thru the deep stuff while Brian got a ride over!  Hmpf!

Red walked around the barn lot a while, Brian grinning the whole time, then Red walked up to the corral panels and waited for Brian to get off.  You would think he had it planned that way.  Ha ha!

Before Brian hopped off we had a self portrait moment.

I love when Brian does this.  It reminds me that in the not to far future he will be out on the trails with me.  Yay!!!!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is perfectly happy having Red being the one who is picked on. 

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