Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zephyr moves to a new pen...

Poor Zephyr has been in a pen of mud and it was time to move her.  Brian set up a pen on the other side of the barn.  She will be closer to where the outside group eats, so maybe she will make friends...

While Brian was getting Zephyr, I was watching a goose at the other end of the hay storage area...she was making a nest.  Oh how fun it would be to have babies out there! 

EEK!  Spider on the hay bale tarp.  The coloring was so pretty....but also very creepy.  EEK!

Here comes Brian with Zephyr.  I was curious what she would do going by the others. 

I am happy to say it was very uneventful.  She followed Brian without even glancing at the others.

Aren't they a cute couple?

Brian walked her around the hay storage area first...and the first stop was the bridge.

ZEPHYR:  "Yep, smells like a bridge..."

ZEPHYR:  "Guess I will walk across it to make the Boy happy..."

After Brian worked with her a bit, he let her go and she decided to stretch her legs.  I think she was happy to be moving on dry ground (which was short lived....they had over 6 inches of rain at the house the past couple of days)

ZEPHYR:  "Woo hoo!  Watch me trot!"

ZEPHYR:  "I am glad that sounds doesn't come through know what goes with bucking....nicker snort!"

Zephyr has some admirers...

...and more admirers....

The only young mare we have in the outside group is Epona.  She and Zeph squealed at each other a couple times but other than that, things went pretty smooth.  We are hoping that Zeph knows she is home, and that she will bond with her new brothers and sisters.  The boys are more than willing to give her a chance to bond.  Ha ha! 

Brian tells me that Zeph is shedding like crazy!  I can't wait to see her flea bitten gray color when she sheds off.  I had an Arabian that was that color... :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is enjoying his time off 'work'...


nikki said...

Zephyr is gorgeous and what a good girl to be calm going to the other pen. What HMA is she from? Sure hope your mud dries up soon. We still have piles of snow here which will be mud soon enough. :/

Karen C. said...

She really is beautiful. I joke with Brian that Tripp is still much cuter! Ha ha! She is from Stone Cabin and is called a Stone Cabin Gray. I have been out of town for work and Brian has Zephyr stories when we talk at night. :-) He loves her!