Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last week I took a day off work to take Tripp to get his Coggins draw done.  Brian had already taken the day off so he went with me.

After running errands, he agreed to drop me off at the Conservation area at a parking lot I have ridden to, but never left from.  I was going to do a point to point ride.  Brian would pick me up in the parking lot I usually park in.

But let's get Hemi out of the way....he is loving the weather!  It is great for doing the Back Scratch Boogie!

The parking lot I left from has this huge tree....Brian wants to make a small sign for the entrance of the hole that says "No Tresspassing."

Gotta get most of the mud brushed off my boy before I head out. 

The mud on the legs stay for is caked on; the only way I know to get it off is to stand him in a hole of water and wait for it to soften.  I love Spring, but I am always happy when the dryer weather starts so the critters can get their mud clods and mud bangles around their hooves knocked off.

I forgot to load up my saddle, so bareback pad it is.  Woo hoo!

I tripple padded this time instead of double.  I don't think it helped me any....but it was more about Tripp.  I hope it helped him.  He has never shown me that his back was sore, and I don't want to start now.

Okay, almost ready....

To get on, I hop up on the wheel well and he scootches over to me.  That is awesome...but he thinks he can start walking away after I am on.  That is not so awesome.  So I one rein stop him until he can stand still.  He is not giving me his attention here...he is faking it.

Once we stop I can get my mecate rope into my belt loop...

Okay, we are almost ready to go....again...ha ha!

Gotta get his hair purdy before we head out.  He wants to look cute for the girls if we see any.  :-)

We are ready to head down the trail...

See ya soon!  I will call you from the lake so you can come pick us up!  

We are off like a flock of turtles!  Woo hoo!

I did not have my camera with me, which was nice, but also a little bit weird because I am always prepared to get photos of my ride, even if they are the same old thing.  I decided to just enjoy myself and not worry about it...

I made it to the lake and sent Brian a text to let him know I was a couple miles give or take from the parking lot.

Hemi is patiently awaiting my arrival...

HEMI:  "Let's take pictures while we wait for Mom to get here!"

 HEMI:  "OH!  Here she comes!"

I come into the parking lot talking about what a great ride I had...


...and it is time to check mileage.  Doh!  I am at 9.5 miles!  I ask Brian and Hemi if they have a few minutes for me to go down the trail and back so I can hit an even 10.  No problemo they say...

 HEMI:  "Hurry up and wait....again!  Let's take more pictures.  Here, take my picture looking this way and I will tell Mom I was looking all over for her...."


HEMI:  "Now take my picture looking this way....she will feel good knowing I was looking for her."

HEMI:  "I hear her coming....that didn't take long at all!"

HEMI:  "Yep, there they are!  I was wishing I could have gone with them when we dropped them off earlier, but now I am glad I didn't.  That is a long ways to walk for a bulldog, and I don't think being draped over the back of him like a sack of taters would have been comfortable at all.  Cute yes!  Comfy no!"

I ended up with 10 1/2 miles and Tripp was ready to head to the short loop.  For a horse that has gotten in the habit of running when he sees me, he sure does enjoy covering some territory out here.

It was a fun ride...very relaxing...and there is something about it being Friday and knowing the whole weekend is ahead of us! 

Until later...Karen and Tripp who thinks he has been working very hard lately!  (He is right!)

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Cindy D. said...

10 miles bareback....nicely done Tripp! (and Karen too)

Trax and I really wanna come ride with you. :)