Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The couch almost won....

...but it didn't!  I told myself that I was going to go riding in the snow if we got the blizzard they said we would get.  Okay, I am the one calling it a blizzard.  They, whoever 'they' are, are just calling it a lot of snow.  Early that morning it was cold and I thought I would wait a while before going out...so I stayed on the couch.  That warm cushy couch almost won...ALMOST!  I made myself get up and go get Tripp.  I know me, and I would have been mad at myself if I would not have just sucked it up and got out there!  I wish I could put the fresh smell and the feeling of the atmosphere in a photo....the pictures really don't do it justice.

What luck!  Here comes Tripp around the corner....

It is a heavy wet snow, and all the horses are carrying their snow blanket with them.  Luckily it shakes off pretty easily.  

Walking Tripp through the yard....me trying to convince him that we are going to have sooooo much fun!  Hee hee!

Look!  The truck has a snow-hawk!

See ya!

This is going down our road, and as I approached the corner the snow was drifting pretty bad from the left.  

Around the corner the snow was drifted even more, and I told myself DO NOT STOP!  KEEP MOVING!

Whew!  After the drifts things looked much better.  A couple vehicles had been down the road already.
Look a the snow hanging off the trees...isn't it beautiful?

There is a shortcut to goes to the road by the wildlife area.  That is the first time I started to question my judgment.  Nobody had gone down it, and I was nervous enough that taking pictures was out of the question!  I just kept saying "Hang on Tripp!"  As you can tell, I made it!  Woo wee!

I was the first one through the parking lot...imagine that!  Ha!

This is the road I turned off to get in the parking lot.  I still can't get over how pretty it was!

Trust me Tripp!  We are going to have so much fun!

The snow and sleet kept coming down, and it picked up the pace a bit.  Woo hoo!  The saddle started getting covered pretty quick.....

I had my bib coveralls on, but still didn't want to sit in snow, so I threw the bareback pad over the saddle while I finished getting ready.

In a matter of minutes it was covered too.  Look at Tripp sporting his new frosted bangs!  :-)


Time for a self portrait!

The rest of these are going to be in random order...not that anyone will know but me.  Ha ha!  My biggest challenge was keeping the camera lens cleaned off.  The footing was great, which I was grateful for. 

The first part of the trail...and judging by the scenery I knew this was going to be a great ride!

There were times the wind was blowing like crazy and the snow was coming down thick...I started to get disoriented.  I have ridden these trails many times, and I still found myself a bit dizzy.  No wonder people get lost in blizzards.

This picture tickled my funny bone...the little frosty cedar tree reminded me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  I love it!

Look!  Tripp is an Appaloosa!
Some of the limbs were heavy with snow so we ended up with a lot of stuff falling on us as we ducked under them and pushed our way through.

One of the many fallen trees someone started to cut...

This is the big tree that Tripp joked about being able to go under.

I was so happy the creeks were not frozen over.  Tripp never did get comfy with going across ice...even when it was very thin.  I love the tree reflections in the water.

There are a lot of tall trees that are fallen over and being held up by other trees.  All it will take is a strong wind to knock them down, and I hope nobody is out here when that happens.

This is one of those pictures I look at and wonder what I was thinking.  Well, let me tell ya.  When I rode by the stump with the hole in it, I thought it looked real cool.  Then I asked Tripp to get closer, and he was not so sure about it.  He just knew something was going to come out and surprise him. 

 Self portrait time!  I was hoping to find someone joy riding up and down the snowy roads so they could get a pictures of me on Tripp, but I have a feeling their couches won!  Ha!

Instead of riding the switchback trails in the patch of woods to the left, I decided to take the road to the next spot where I pick up the trail.  With all the snow I did not have to worry about the rocks.

Tripp has never seen the shooting range from this direction....we are usually across the road on the trail.  He is thinking this is the most quiet this place has ever been....

Tripp is not hiding the fact he would have preferred the couch win.  But he will have such great stories to tell his buddies when he gets back!

The vine covered in snow looked neat...like a snow snake.

View through the woods....

Snow on the front of my coveralls and saddle...and I stayed toasty warm.  It is amazing what you can do if you are prepared. 

Where I once was....our tracks are on the rights side of the photo...

Oh Goody!  A creek crossing!  They are not big, but they are effective.  A place to wet the whistle for Tripp and an obstacle to practice...

What?  Another creek?  Okay, it is a premie creek...guess I will do it.  This is at the end of the short loop and it goes back into the woods.

We just came out of the bottom of the short loop and are on our way up the hill....our tracks are following us.

Blowing snow...and where are we again?  :-)

OH!  This tree is snow free in a previous blog entry!

Making our way to the end of the short loop...right before the creek crossing.

Tripp:  "Did you see that?  They were everywhere!"  (Deer running through the woods...you could see them from one hillside to another...it was awesome!)

The side of this tree looks like it was stripped smooth with a big blade of some kind.  The grain of the wood really stood out in the snow.

Another tree fell on the trail.  Tripp would rather trail blaze, so he gets excited when we have to go around something like this.

Almost white out conditions...

Tripp deserves a break today...he has been awesome and it is not easy walking in all that snow.

Tripp:  "Ummmm, I think it is that way."

Tripp:  "Hmmmm, no, it is THAT way!"

Tripp:  "I know it isn't that way!  Nicker snort!"

Tripp:  "Yep, I picked up the scent...it is THIS way!"

Thank you for sharing our ride with us!  Come back!  Ya hear?

I was out for 3 hours; my fingers and toes did get cold that last hour, but it was worth being out there.  I have ridden in the snow before, but nothing like this. 

Why did I doing this?  Heck, I don't know...so I don't have any regrets?  So I can look back and say "Wow, I did that and I am so glad I did!"?  I can't say it is on my Bucket List, because I don't have a Bucket List.  In my world buckets are used for carrying things in them, and for flipping them over and using them as a mounting block.  Ha ha!  I just know that I am 47 years old and I don't want to live vicariously through others all the time.  So I have been making myself get out there.  Sure, there are some things I can't do yet for one reason or another, but it doesn't mean it won't happen.  And it gives me something to look forward to. 

Thanks for checking out our adventures and reading my babble at the end.....I am so blessed to be able to do things like this.  Thank you God!

Until later....Karen and Tripp who thinks I got a little wordy there at the end... ;-)


Cindy D. said...

The best reason I can think of to do it????? Because you can! Because you have a good and might steed to carry you through the dark and scary woods filled with snow monsters and other such precarious dangers. Yet you were as safe as could be on the back of the handsome Tripp!

Great ride, great post!

Karen C. said...

Thanks Cindy! He really is a mighty steed! :-) I was just looking at this post and it is hard to believe it was only one week ago. Time flies...just like the snow...