Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boomer and I are not afraid of nasty ol' mud!

First of all I want to say I hope everyone who lives in those horrible flooded areas is okay!  The rain we are getting here is just an inconvenience compared to rain measured in FEET!  My thoughts are with all of you.

Our rain has been measured in inches, as in one or two at a time.  Boomers pen is muddy but we are working thru it.  Right now it is important for interaction every day....he still doesn't think he needs me, altho he is more interested in what I am doing that what he was before.

He is getting a little nosey.... 

He watches me.....

And he still mocks me!!!  :-)

We are slowly bonding...

He is thinking the girl might not be too bad....she feeds me, she fills my water, she rubs the mud off the parts I let her get to, which are not many, then she goes away.

He snorted a lot when I scootched down on the ground!  Hee hee!

He is getting the hang of leading....he will follow me all the way around the pen both directions.

He is very sensitive and light and I am trying real hard to keep him that way...very responsive when I ask him to move...(most of the time)

After leading with the line we practiced leading with the 'invisible' line.  It is doing a couple of is keeping him at my hand (most of the time) instead of on top of me, and he also sniffs it as he walks along, which is fine because he is still exploring.

Now the other direction....

Love horsey noses!

And he mocks me again!

And again!!!

I am going to get a complex!

End of this day....time for a water and munchy break.

Batman got a bad cut on his knee and we had to put pressure on it to stop the bleeding.  Him being the little rambunctious boy he is, would not stand still for very long, and we would have to start over with the pressure.  We decided to take him into the barn and lay him down.  After the pressure time was up, I stayed by him so he could relax and the wound would stay closed.  Thankfully it worked and his knee is looking great after only a couple of days. 

Batman is a growing boy....he needed a new halter.  And he isn't very happy about it...He loves purple, but not on him.  He thinks he should be naked all the time!  :-)

I got home later than normal the night before last and this is what I found....

This is Brian NOT bonding with Sonic Boom.  Ha ha!!!!  Yeah right, whatever...he can say whatever he wants!  :-)  Brian worked him both ways around the pen and Boom responded real nice to him.  I was so pleased and proud - of both of them!

Boom wanted to give me a little pose since the sun was coming in from behind him...he thought it would show off his assets.   Isn't he purdy?

Then he wanted another shot of his head at just a little bit of a different angle...with the bangs more off to the side on the right....and who was I to say 'No thanks.'?

Thomas the cat saying "Oh, take a picture of me with my head tilted just let's take another one....and another one.....whatever!"  (you have to insert very sarcastic condescending cat voice to really get it)

Last night I did not get any pictures.  My #1 goal this evening was to get him comfortable with the stick rubbing his left side - it was hard work, but mission accomplished.  It was hot and muggy, Boom was full of himself and did not want to cooperate, so I had to really concentrate on letting him know what I wanted and if I didn't get it, we worked worked worked.  Let's just say we worked a lot and I wanted to just drop in the mud to rest a couple times.  A few nights of this and I just might lose some poundage.  Ha!  We finally got on the same page - well, almost - and it ended on a good note.  But not until after he was saying "Whoa!  What is up with the girl?"  and that was in between puffs of and him both.  I am still very pleased with where we are and I know he is going to be even more amazing than he is now.  I am so lucky to get to work with a horse like him.  :-)

Gotta head out to feed now....

Until later...Karen and Tripp


nikki said...

What a handsome fella! Love the name and the Brian "not bonding" moment haha!

Hope to see you guys perform in NE. It'll be the first EMM that is close enough to get to. :)

Karen C. said...

Hi Nikki!
It would be so great to meet you in person. I really hope you get to make it there. :-)