Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The innocent little girl who loves her horse no matter what....

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I thought this story was soooooo heartwarming!  This little girl is who a lot of us were, and probably still are.  I think about the people who won't buy or keep a horse because he/she has an 'ugly head' then they spout off everything statistically wrong with them and why they would be so hard to train.  WHAT?  I am sorry for those people....they are missing out.  Horses are not just the body, but they are the soul.  Even people who have had the best instructors, have had horses all their lives, who have competed at high levels in different disciplines just don't get it!

The little girl in this story, Maddie, is one of my hero's!


Karen and Tripp who loves me even tho I am not 'perfect'...

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Keechy said...

I've loved a few ugly horses myself, but I am glad to hear they would not make him suffer. It is one thing to keep and love an ugly horse, another to keep one that has a deformity that will make his life one of constant pain, just because you love him and can't let him go. I hope for their sake that his wry nose is one that can be fixed completely. Looks pretty bad though.