Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Riding Lessons and PacMan....

Should I start with lessons or PacMan?  I think I will start with PacMan.  He belongs to our hay guy and I love this dog!  He is solid muscle and BIG!

I think he likes me too.  :-)

I have decided to take a few riding lessons.  I signed up for a package of four lessons to get me started.  I have been riding for years and don't know if I have good habits, bad habits, or both.  I am riding English so I have to learn to ride with rein contact.  I also have to work on looking up, lifting my belly button and my posting needs work!  A LOT of work!  :-)

Sharon was adjusting my stirrups.  I am riding Sparkle, a 17 yr old Arabian and she is a doll!  I love my mustangs, but I will always be partial to Arabians.

I am trying to pay attention to Sharon.....

We did some walk and trot, I worked on my arms sticking close to my body, hands in the right position, legs placed in the right spot to make posting easier.  It is the whole package, and when I got it right I knew it because Sparkle was able to do her job easier.  It felt great!  Can't wait for this weeks lesson!

One of the things I enjoy most, even at home, is grooming and loving on my horse.  It is time to take Sparkle back to groom.

Sharon is a foster parent for the local Humane Society and this past week she had puppies!  Two got adopted and that left three of them.  They are Beagle Bassett mix, and CUTE!

This past weekend Brian took his boy up to his parents so I went a long for the ride.  I got to visit Tiger, one of my TIP horses from last year.  He is doing so good.  He was all lovey dovey and is still a sweetheart.

From left to right:  Tiger, Abby, Ginger and Fancy.

Brian's parents bought Abby from a sale with a foal, Mocha, by her side and she was bred back (Ginger, the sorrel).  Mocha got sick and crossed the Rainbow Bridge, so Brian's Dad made a sign and built a round pen for Brian's Mom in Mocha's memory.

On our way back we had to stop to give Godzilla a hug.  Okay, not Brian...he did not feel he needed to give him a hug, but I did!  Then the people from the fireworks store came out so we felt like we had to buy something.  We got firecrackers to work with the horses.  

There were pop up storms all over the place which made for awesome sunsets....

This time of year we are running non-stop like most people.  I love the long days and wish they were even long.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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