Sunday, June 13, 2010

My 2nd Day with Boom...

I am so grateful that Mother Nature decided to hold off with the rain!  Whew!  She waited until we got Valero headed home before it started.  We had a big storm yesterday afternoon, and two this afternoon.  It is a mud pit outside but I am still full of excitement and still grateful that it did not rain sooner, that my attitude is still quite good!  :-)

Saturday morning we had to get up early to get Valero loaded....but there was some visiting that needed to be done first.  Angela wanted to check out Wy...she had not seen him since last year. 

She found his itchy spots!

After everyone went home I played with Boom.  This is what he does when he is stressed...he drops that head and shuts his eyes off - no emotion.  I can walk up to him and pet his neck and scratch on his ears....but he is only doing it because he feels like he has to.  I got to thinking that when they are put in the chutes, they try to avoid being touched, and every time you see one in pictures or on t.v., the horse drops their head.  I wonder if this is how he copes with the stress.  I have so many questions for him...and I also want him to know he can trust me.  The trust will will just take time.  I knew getting a 6 yr old horse that was captured at age 4 would be a challenge, and I would not change this experience for anything!  If he has to be in captivity, I want to make it an exciting experience for him. 

Check out this butt!!!!  Can you say Horse Power?  ;-)

He won't eat his own feed, but he will nibble what is dropped from Wy. 

Here we are under the small canopy.  I was so pleased when he lifted his head to check out Brian, and he was not too concerned about me on the other side.  He forgot to be annoyed.  Ha ha!

Check out Batman's bangs!!!  He is a little wind blown....

Boom also makes funny lips at me....we worked for quite a while and he was okay going to the right, but he hates going to the left.  I would insist he went to the left and when I asked him to stop to face me he would....then he would make faces at me!

Check out the crooked Elvis lip!  HA HA HA!!!

It is taking a lot for him to look at me.  I have to really work hard and fast, then take the pressure off and it makes him say "What the??????"  He has not been too concerned about the rope being thrown over and around him. 

The first sniff!  I was so happy!

I told him he had to sniff me three different times, then I won't ask for more sniffing....notice the storm clouds coming in from behind.  I needed to tap in to the curiosity I know is there before it rained.

PTOOEY!!!!  I licked the rope by accident!  ICK!

Boom is very light when I ask him to move.  We are not leading yet, but he does follow me in circles.

The rope flipped over his ears and pushed his bangs back...Punk Rocker Mustang!

This picture really does mean something.  I could not get under his chin to hook on the lead line without him stomping at me, so I stuck the end of the lunge whip thru the ring, got the string all the way thru, tied it on to the clip then pulled it back thru.  I got it doubled over and clipped so now I had the lead attached.  I could not get the string untied so had to cut it.  :-)  Whatever works, right?

Head is down again...this is when I was still asking I don't let him do that.  This gives a good idea of his height.  He is a stocky dude!  I really can't wait to get on him and ride his trot...he floats!

I thought he would feel trapped under the canopy with me so close, but he tolerated me in there with him.

I am not graceful with the rope - any rope for that matter - which helps the horses I work with get used to them being all over!  We got a couple of good kicks out of this one, but it did not last long.  I was very proud of him!

Chase the llama things Boom's hay is better!  And here I am picking knots out of Boom's mane.

I found an itchy spot on his ear!  This was awesome because he would get into it and start to raise his head, which told me he was relaxing.  Yay!

Still can't find the itchy spot at the withers...

Batman and Tandee supervise...

Whew!  What a long day for Sonic Boom!  He really did work hard Saturday...much different than his past life of standing around eating all day. 

I really like this guy.  He is beautiful....he arches that neck a lot, he snorts when he is nervous, and you all know how I am about snorts!  Love them!  I don't think there is a mean bone in his body, he is just protective of himself.  He has already come around so will only get better!

Until later....Karen and Tripp who is glad he did not have to work that hard!

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Angela said...

SO SO PROUD of Boom...He'll come around...He already is! Slow and steady is good!