Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a great night with Sonic Boom!

After last night, today was a breeze!  It is still hotter than Hades out there (I have heard...but do not know this to be fact) and muggy as all get out, and I am pleased to say we did not have the attitude we had last night so we did not have to work as hard.  Whew!

Tonite my goal was touching the sides of his face and hopefully his neck.  I MADE IT!!!!  I kept telling myself "Just a little bit longer...he will get it."  After about an hour of telling myself that, he did get it.  I would touch, then we would lead a few steps and change directions.  I wanted to keep his mind changing gears instead of focusing on the dreaded touch.  I was more tickled about getting to touch the brand side of his neck....that has been his major 'touch me not' and 'look at me not' zone.

You can really see the difference in his posture from the above picture of him not being sure about this, and the below picture.  After we were done and I took the rope off, I did it again and he did wonderful.

A little bit of rubbing on the poll and us walking thru the
gate.  We added on another small pen so he can live in one,
and the other one can dry out a bit between sessions. 

Look at this sweet face.....he is so sweet and innocent.....

NOT!!!!  He is mocking me again!  :-)
Okay, tonite was because of the fly spray.  We did not do so well with it tonite but it sure was smelly to him.  We got his right side but not the left.  I found a good spot to quit because I did not want to fight this big battle over something that will come with time.

This morning I found Tandee, Jester the donk, and Batman in with Boomer.  This is how the gate was, so thankfully he would not have gone any farther than the inside of the barn.  Tonite when I was done I was getting hay and he started nosing around.  He never came in, but he was curious.  You can't imagine how excited I was over him showing curiosity and being nosey.  :-D  Oh yeah, I clip the gate shut now.

I let Tandee and her posse into the yard to munch grass.  I thought this was a cute 'family' picture.

Chase the llama....he is something else. 

It really was a wonderful night!  We had rain this morning but not this afternoon, so that is a plus, and the sun is baking the ground, so that is a plus, and life is just grand.  That is a HUGE plus!

Gotta head back outside now...
Until later....Karen and Tripp

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Angela said...

You are doing great!!! And Boomer's posture sure has changed...I think he's opening up to you guys!