Monday, June 14, 2010

Working between storm activity...

Today was huge for us!  Boom paid a lot more attention to get him more curious about touching my hand, as I was walking in circles I would keep my hand out and let him 'chase' it.  I kept an eye on him because during some of the nuzzling, he tried to nip me.  I think he is testing the waters and am not worried about it.  If he wanted to bite - he would have.

He did not know what to think about the brush.  I was getting some of the mud off him, and when he realized it was something different he reacted to, around we go and I let him 'chase' the brush.

We did some forehead touching today!  Woo hoo!  He bobbed that head up and down...snorted...bobbed some more.  When I actually touched him it was like he was holding his breath, then when I backed away he let it all out.

Horse flies are ferocious!  I got him sprayed down on both sides...notice the head to the ground.  He is shutting me out.  No worries....we are working on that and he did much better today.

He let me play with his forelock.

Boom mocks me!

Boom is muddy...and this was before the 2nd set of storms that came thru...I bet he is more muddy later!

Boom mocks me again!

And again!!!  So I thought I would blow in his nostril and introduce myself properly...from a distance of course.  :-)

I was pleased with what we got done today.  Before I met him, I had goals of what I wanted to get done, but after getting him home, I have had to revamp those goals.  Our journey together is going to be a great one!

When I first headed outside, Batman was snoozing in the hay, so I laid down by him for a while.

The sky is pretty...but we can hear the thunder and know storms are on the way....

Then the downpour.  We got an inch of rain in this 'shower' alone.  Ugh!

If we were cats, we would not be worrying about it storming outside....

It was a good day.  I got muddy but it washes off.  As I am updating this, I can hear the rain on the roof.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Until later...Karen and Tripp


Tina said...

Boom is a spunk! Profile wise, he has a square muzzle and lovely straight profile. I really like that combo. He is going to be incredibly dependable, and with those looks he is going to be a horse you would be proud to show off anywhere. What a cracker!

Head down produces calming endorphins for horses, so I guess he has learned to do it as a way to calm himself and you, a bit like dogs yawning for the same reason. At least it is a safe way for him to show you he is not comfy with something. Better than a blow up!

Angela said...


I think he is coming alive....Like I told Jessi, they take some time to settle in and then the real personality begins to show. It's great to see him engaging more with you....OH and have I told you lately that I CANNOT wait to see you on him trotting around!