Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sonic Boom is Rockin' and a Rollin'!

BUT before I start, I have to take a poll.  What do you all think this is???  I gave you a hint.  :-)  Hee hee!!!!

Okay, I will tell you, it was so hot and humid the other night we were soaked!  Brian sat on the steps and left his mark!  HA HA HA!!!!!!

Now, on to my Rock Star!!!!
Boomer really doesn't mind the ropes.  He has ran around the pen dragging them, I have lunged him with the rope under his tail and did not get more than a couple of light kicks then he fell into a nice canter, and while he is moving I will flip the rope over and around him.  Life is good in the rope world.

The night before we worked with the ropes, fly spray, and the saddle pad.  He snorted and zigged and zagged a bit, but we got there.  I even led him around so he could 'chase' it and he did not care about that...he just did not want it touching him.  Isn't he cute?  I mean handsome! 
He is very very handsome!!!

Tonite I had to beat the storms coming in, so I did what I could....I opened the pad up so it would hang longer. 

He thinks if he keeps his eyes closed it will go away...

Whew!!!  It is dead now!!!!  The beauty of this is it fell off a lot because he does not have a back that will hold a saddle or pad on, and when it hit the ground he didn't bat an eye!  Part of it could be the flies...they were horrible right before the rain.  Flies are much more annoying than a soft pad.

"Hmmmm, what is she doing to me now? does not smell like blue.....something smells fishy around here!"

"You want me to what?????  No really.....are you kidding me???"

"I thought if I acted like it was no big deal, she would take it away....if I scratch just right, it will fall off!!!"

"Whew, I survived this one!  The girl is weird!!  Why on earth would she put this contraption on me then take me for a walk thru both pens?  Yep, she is just plain weird!!!  Hmmmm, smells like....ME!"

The past two nights we had a dry barn lot, which means we were due for some storms which we got tonite.  The skies right now are beautiful!!! 

Boomer is a challenge.  Remember how Paco would look away from me - as far as he was concerned he did not need me.  Boomer is there....his life was just fine without my intervention.  Most of the time he will sniff something only once then walk away - no interest.  When I introduce something he tolerates it once I get it to touch him.  I got to thinking that I am going to use his toleration to introduce as much as I can as quick as I can.  So tonite was making the pad bigger, flipping it all over the place, then putting my light weight English saddle on him.  This boy has NO withers!  Even the pad doesn't stay on by itself!  He is going to be a breast collar type of guy. 

He still won't take an alfalfa cube treat from my hand but he knows when I put it in his feed pan.  I am happy with our progress.  Okay, sometimes I get impatient because I really want to take him for a walk outside of his pens.  :-)  But I fight it....
Oh, I noticed one rear hoof chipping tonite.  Argh!  That is going to drive me crazy!  We are not even close to doing feet.  He has not even been here two weeks....and chipping already?  Oh well, it could be worse.

Until later....Karen and Tripp who says I can handle his back feet...what is the big deal?  ;-) 

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jay said...

You have come a long way since I saw this guy trying to take your tail gate off your trailer,SUPER JOB.this guy is a beautiful bay if you don't keep him I would be interested in giving him a home,I LOVE BAYS!!!!!!