Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hutchinson, KS Open House - Part 2 - Saving Horses and Changing Men

We have been disappointed because our wild horse holding facility in Ewing, IL has closed.  We thought the closest place to get mustangs would be 7 to 8 hrs away, minimum, but that is not true. 
The Hutchinson, KS Correctional Facility does not only try to adopt out saddle trained horses, they also have over 300 wild ones to find homes for.  There are all sizes, ages, colors, genders....you name it, they probably have it.  The only thing is as of now TIP trainers and Foster people can't get horses for those programs, but if you know someone who wants to adopt or are looking one for yourself, I highly recommend going out to see what they have. 

Here are a couple of blondes, a red head and brunette.

Brian is in the alley checking out horses in another pen...he was taking time to soak it all in, and watch the herd do what they do...

Many of these horses would come right up to ya to see what was going on.  There were several adult horses that could not stay away from the fence....they liked body massages and a lot of scratching all over.  Well, not the legs, but faces and body parts we could reach were fair game.  :-)

There was a pen of young ones and the only way for them to 'visit' was if we were on the catwalk, or down here....

The saddle trained horses had a long couple of days.  Between being warmed up, being tied out all day, and a couple great games of Mustang B-Ball, they were ready for a break.  They all did so good!
Say hello to Ben.  Ben went home with a guy, and his wife adopted a Spanish type mustang.

Story on Ben....I think it was him.  There is a Suzie Q who is brown too, but I am sure it was Ben.  I was talking to the trainer/rider when we got there Friday and he was sitting on his horse.  A lady came walking up from behind and a little to the side with a little kid in one hand, and dragging a stroller in the other hand with a younger kid in it.  Ben just leaned back a little bit, got a good look, then relaxed.  He did not move one foot - just needed to know what that contraption was.

A couple of our Midwest Mustang & Burro Saddle Club members peeking at horses in the pens.

These pipes are over all the gates, and the birds loved nesting in them.

Brian sends me a gift....a smile just for ME!  ME ME ME!!!!  :-)

Oh my goodness, if I would have known they had burros in the pens, I would have taken the trailer!  I LOVE BURROS!!!!  (Brian was glad I did not know....)

This little one was snoozing in the sun....I watched for a long time because he was wobbling.  Finally he just rolled over on his side and landed with a light thud.  Night night....

Brian took a liking to this one, and he was doubly glad we didn't have a trailer.  Hmmmm, so I am not the only one who was tempted!  Ha!  My thinking is "We don't have a brown one!"  :-)

Here is mustang Cheyenne and volunteer Patrick.  Cheyenne was adopted from Hutch last year, but the woman has some health problems and can't keep Cheyenne.  She donated him back to the program so they can adopt him out again.  Whoever ended up with him got a fantastic deal! 

Patrick on Cheyenne...

And here they are in living color.....

Cheyenne was already well adjusted to life around him....

Patrick speaking with prospective adopters......look how good Cheyenne is. 

This is what I saw......

This little dappled chocolate cutie is one of the wild ones in the pen.  I think this one could be related to Mighty Mac!

This is Cloud.  Cloud did not get adopted, and that really surprised me.  I watched them ride Cloud both days without any drama.  He is very laid back, social and just a sweet sweet boy.  If anybody is interested in him, please contact Dexter at the Correctional Facility.  If I did not have the EMM horse coming in a couple of days, I would have loved to bring this horse home and try to find an adopter. 


Dexter being interviewed.  My new mustang friend Dani was also interviewed and was on t.v.!  Woo hoo!

Dani's son Colton on his new mustang Cool.  Thank you Grandpa!  You are the best Grandpa in the world!  (Don't tell my Gramps  I said that...hee hee!)
The gal in the background adopted the spanish mustang and they just seemed to mesh right away.  I watched her get on and ride and she and the horse became one....I did not visually see the adjustment period the horses and riders are going thru to get the feel of their new horse....that was a match made in heaven!

Dexter, the head of the Wild Horse Program, sitting on the fence during the Mustang B-Ball game.

Those big 'ol fences couldn't keep people from looking and petting the horses.  :-)

The goal was to see how many of them they could get on the bridge.  In the 2nd picture, Natalie and Mac are in the middle...but they are so small you can barely see them!  Ha ha!

See Taco in there?  He is the paint butt.  The last I knew he was still available for adoption, and you will not be disappointed if you give this one a chance.  :-)

That is all I have time for....have to get out to feed and get ready for work.  Yes, that work thing that gets in the way of fun.  It also helps fund it! 

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!

Until later....Karen and Tripp who says he can stand on the bridge too!  ;-)

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