Monday, June 21, 2010

Sonic Boom - His first full week with us....

Our very handsome Sonic Boom is checking out the barn.  I left the gate open so it will hit against the big door....he can't escape to the bigger area that way.  He nosed around a little bit......

Well, that was fun....can you tell?  Even tho he looks like he is bored, I am tickled he went into the dark space to explore.  He will have to deal with a stall at the EMM.

Just look at that mug!  Isn't he cute???

Boom played in the mud - both sides look just like this!  I hope it is helping him keep the horse flies off.

He even smudged a bit on his face.

Millie the cow is standing in the ring as if to say "HELLO!!!!  WHAT IS MISSING HERE???"

These lillies multiply like crazy!  I dug up a bunch a few years ago and planted them at the bottom of the back deck.  This year they are taller than we are and so pretty! 

This one has a water droplet after the rain...

The other night we had storms and it tore part of the chicken pen roof off.

This piece of tin is stuck in the post.

Bottom view of it stuck.....

Top view of it stuck.....

Brian had to cut the corner off because it would not pull out.  You can see the fresh wood where it sliced right in there!  I am so glad it did not go over the fence and get one of the critters! 

I have some pictures on my camera but I can't get them off for some reason.  I will have to mess with it when I have more time.

Boomer is doing good altho he still tries to ignore me.  Tonite he was watching me from between the corral panels and I looked at him and talked to him and his ears kind of hung flat and he stuck his nose up a little bit and turned the other direction as he slowly walked away.  He actually snubbed me!  It was probably payment for me tossing the lariat rope all over him again tonite.  Whether he likes it or not, he did great!  :-)  It is going to take me a while with him, but that is okay, because it isn't a race.  It is a competition to show what we can do with an untouched mustang in approx 100 days.  Some will come around quickly, and some are going to take a little longer.
When I stand out there and watch him I am still amazed that I am doing this, and that I am actually lucky enough to be living one of my little kid dreams.....I have mustangs!

Hope everyone is doing well.  Keep cool and drink lots of fluids.

Until later....Karen and Tripp

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