Sunday, October 6, 2013

A 45 degree ride....brrrrrr.....

As I was getting ready to go, I couldn't figure out why Wyoming was snorting and jigging around.  Well heck, I have a pickup bed full of old tires and he knew something was amiss!  I lunged him around and we worked our way closer.  Then eventually we rode by them. 

The tires were at the edge of someone's driveway with a box that said "Free.  Take 1 or all."  They were there over a week and I finally took them.  They are going to be trail obstacles.  :-)

He decided they were not that scary.

Saddle silhouette.   

It was a brisk morning!  When I left the house it was in the mid 40's, and I was bundled up in my turtle neck, hoodie and my gloves.  I better get used to it!  It is that time of year and I have riding to do!  :-)

During my ride I met a turkey hunter.  I did not have any idea it was shotgun turkey season!  Glad I had on bright colors.  He was very nice and said even tho he enjoyed hunting, he also enjoyed just being out and listening to nature.  He also apologized for scaring Wyoming, which was nice.  To be honest, we were fine.  Wy was just on alert watching the cammo guy with a shotgun over his shoulder walking towards us on the trail.

I got back to the parking lot and was unsaddled and ready to load up.  Two riders showed up asking if I was getting started or finishing up.  Now I am wishing I would have saddled back up and went with them.  It was such a pretty day!

Then this group of riders showed up and took a break at the back of the parking lot.  

 These are the two gals I was visiting with.  I was heading home and they had just crossed over the road.  I hope to see them again...they were very nice and seemed like they would be a lot of fun to ride with.

 Until later...Karen and Tripp who is snickering and snorting because he got off the hook again!  ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Yay, Wy is getting to be such a big boy! Glad to see him out enjoying all the things there are to snort about, LOL....