Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tigers on the Prowl...painted Tigers in town...

We work in a college town - University of Missouri Columbia.  MIZ - ZOU!!!

There were 10 painted tigers that have been on display around the area, and they were going to be auctioned off.  Each tiger was painted by a local artist, had sponsors, and had a charity the money would go to.  Brian saw a couple of them...he told me they were kind of like the painted horses in Kentucky.

I detest shopping, but for some reason this particular day I felt the need to go to Bass Pro to see what they have in hunter orange.  I need some stuff so I am SEEN while riding.  Needless to say they did not have squat as far as orange stuff!  But they did have all of the tigers on display.  BONUS!

They were all good, but some were GREAT!  

The one named Columbia Anatomy was very cool!

The Love Tiger is on the other side of the Columbia Anatomy tiger.  I had a couple pictures that did not turn out.  


This was beautiful!  It was full of buttons and fun stuff like poker chips, checkers, little plastic critters like starfish, a horse, bugs, etc.  There were faces on each side of the tiger...

There is and always will be a rivalry with our bordertown college...the Kansas Jayhawks.  One of the artists used that as the theme.


This was just beautiful!  So bright and just pretty....all the details in this made me want to paint a tiger!

SMOOCH!!!!  I loved how they painted the skull on the side of the face.

I don't read music, but I wish I did.  I was wondering what music they had on the back of the tiger.  The Missouri Waltz?  The Tiger fight song?

There were a couple of tigers for our Vets, and this was one of them.  I didn't get a good picture of the back, but old newspapers were formed into an airplane over the shoulders of the tiger.

This one was named Starry Tiger...

These were the first two I saw.  Stormin Norman had some stuff painted into the stripes.  I don't remember if it was old game records or what.  It was kinda hard to read but was still very cool!

Then there was the Tiger for the Honor Flight.  The Honor Flight is something that is very near and dear to our heart.  He was gorgeous!

I don't know how the artists got picked to paint them, but they did a great job! 

Here is some info I found on their FB page:
CONGRATS to Tigers on the Prowl on a successful auction! They raised $28,000 based on the winning tiger bids but ticket sales, silent auction sales, t-shirt sales and others still need to be added to the total!

How awesome is that?

Until later...Karen and Tripp who says these Tigers are claws or teeth.  :-)

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