Friday, October 4, 2013

Good-bye are already missed...

We lost Nakita a couple days ago - farm accident.  Brian and I both are heartbroken, but glad it was quick.

So on to a celebration of Nakita's life.  She came into my life when she was about 1 to 1 1/2 yrs old.  Her previous family bought a new house that did not have a fenced yard, and they didn't want a dog in the house full time, so they asked if I wanted her.  At the time I had another husky and a part breed husky close to the same age, so heck yeah!!!  Brian married into her and was stuck with her whether he liked it or not.  Ha ha!  (He learned to love her silly ways...) 

The vet told me that in general, husky's were dumb dogs.  The other husky's I have had and the part breed were all VERY smart! Nakita...not so much.  She was the epitome of dumb and goofy all wrapped up into one.  Life was always good in her eyes, and she couldn't find her way out of a paper bag if she had to.  Ha ha!  She was a special girl.  My only complaint with her is she was a yappy husky.  Oh my gosh, I swore she was part chihuahua!  Argh!  It is amazing the other dogs didn't take her out way before the accident.  :-)

Nakita was 13 yrs old, lost all of her hearing, and she hobbled around.  When Laramie came to live with us, Nakita had a new spark to her step.  It made us happy that Nakita was getting back in touch with that inner puppy.  We knew she wouldn't be around forever, and we were just happy that she was happy.

Here are a few pictures of Nakita's life....

This is less than an hour before the accident happened.  I was loving on her and pulling out some of her old shedding hair.  I couldn't give her a proper brushing because she was uncomfortable, so she let me gently take it out little chunks at a time.  It has worked for us the past couple of years. 

One more of her before the accident....we were all sitting in the yard waiting for the hay guy to arrive.

 Nakita was a real life snow dog.  :-)

....with her very own swimming pool!

She was not afraid of the horses....they were family too.

She was one goofy girl!  

Shadow dancing....

She was one happy dog!  We used to play 'Cattle Dog' and she loved it!

She was always in everyone's business, whether she was needed or not.

So much so that she had to take snow naps in the sun...

Batman made sure that Nakita would need more rest later....lots of play time with those two.

Nakita in front of the house....

Look to the right side of the stairs...she is under the deck peeking out.  

"Look at me...I am cold....I don't like snow....can I have a treat now?  Am I looking pitiful enough?"

Hemi is following the snow dog...she is showing him the ropes.

Hemi and Nakita racing around the house...

Nakita and Thomas enjoying the snow together...

She was a talker in addition to a yapper.....when she talked it sounded like "Wooo wooo wooooooo.  A woo wooo woooooo."

When Nakita started aging more (last two years) she didn't climb the steps as much.  Hemi couldn't see her so when he got excited and did his body wiggles he would hit she just avoided the body contact.  

She is Snow Dog....Hear her "A wooo wooo wooooooo."


Hanging out at the back of the stock trailer.

She gave the best kisses!  You asked for a kiss and she would come in quick but gentle.  Smooch then she backed away.  

"Does this picture make my nose look big?"

Nakita loved Thomas, and Thomas didn't mind her.

She was actually biting the end of Thomas's tail and Thomas did not care.

She was so loving!

Ha ha!  Looks like a stand off!

Nakita didn't care that I didn't dress up or wear make-up all the time.  She loved me for me.  :-)
Thank goodness! 

Sometimes crap just happens...and it sucks.  But at the same time she got to stay home.  She is already missed so much.  I was looking at these pictures and a couple videos I had of her and Misty playing in the snow.  They made me smile and laugh out loud...this is how I want to remember her!  I also picture her wherever she is....running and playing like a young dog again.  That makes me happy.  :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who realizes that as much as he wants to, he can't fix everything.  Sometimes only time can fix things....  (When did Tripp become so wise?  He is growing up!) 

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