Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chickens and horses...

Chickens make me laugh...and this batch makes me laugh more than any batch we have had in the past.  They are young - this years models, and they are so sweet!  If anybody wants a pet chicken, and I heard a lot of people do these days, this is one of the breeds that is perfect for it!  They are faverolles.  They are a heritage breed and were on an endangered list for a long time.  They have 5 toes, beards, hairy feet, and are just funny!


We have to sell a couple roosters tho....we have 13 hens and 4 roosters.  The roosters are young hormonal guys now and most of the girls are not ready for it.  We have one rooster I named Bulldog.  He has real wide shoulders, and that boy flat takes care of his girls if someone messes with them.  One of the old timer hens came into their area and started picking at the girls.  Bulldog and Old Timer had a stand off - they both looked at each other and didn't twitch for a little bit....then feathers were flying!  Both launched themselves at each other and they had it out.  I really can't declare a winner...they were both tough.  I kicked Old Timer out so the young ones could finish eating in peace. 

We let the inside group out on the hill to doing some 'mowing' and they had to run and play first.
Left to right:  Wyoming, Chase the llama, Zephyr (gray), Red and Batman.

I don't know why I can get some shots of butts, but I can't hardly get them coming to me.  Probably because I am pausing to think "They are so pretteeeeeee...."  Hee hee!

Wyoming is looking purdy!

Zephyr is not happy about her 'arranged marriage.'  I have been feeding Wy extra stuff because he was dropping weight and his topline was disappearing, so in order to help Zeph get over her meanness with everyone, I feed them right across from each other.  I really thought her witchiness was part habit.  Nope, not yet!  She took that as me arranging her marriage...and she is independent!  She will pick her own horse husband!  So in the meantime, she will run this one off!  

Wyoming and Red taking a break under the trees after having their play time.

Ace and the sunset...

The big tree is starting to turn gold...when the sun starts to set this tree just glows.

Oh, this isn't a chicken or a horse.  Oops!  Well, this is Laramie waiting for me to get myself out of the truck after work.  :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is too tired to be witty...

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