Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another ride after work on Wyoming...

Like I said, I am going to try to enjoy as many evenings after work that I can until the time changes.   This was another has been so pretty!

Laramie is one lucky dog...he got to go with us again.  Hunting season is coming up so I am going to have to figure out a way to keep him in the yard. 

But until then...he gets to go have fun.

Between the falling nuts of all sizes, the small rocks and a case of thrush in the front, Wyoming has been a little tender after a few miles.  I broke out the Cavallo's.  He was not so sure what to think about them...

At first he walked real tall on all fours (boots only on front), then he stopped as if to say "I am not moving...nope, this just isn't right, I am NOT moving!"

I should not laugh, but I could not help myself.  He was so disgusted....until we got started!  Once we got started he didn't miss a step and he really moved out nicely!  I had the Sports on him and he needs the regular ones...but they worked in a pinch.  My only complaint - gravel got in the back and left a couple divets in the heel bulbs.  That could not have been comfortable at all, but he didn't miss a step!  What a guy!  My idea was to get him bell boots to put over the top so the gravel doesn't get in.  We will see....I would just prefer his feet toughen up so we don't need them.  I have been No Thrushing him....will keep you posted.

The lake was so dreamy.....

This rocky area is to the lake edge, and I was trying to get him to walk down to get a drink.  I know people use boots all the time and they act like their horses are barefoot and know exactly where their feet are.  I still have this little worry in my head that he really can't feel where his feet are, so he has to learn the 'feel' of the boots.  I need more faith....yeah? 

Here he comes!  Then he didn't hardly drink!  Ha ha!

But he and Laramie ate some grass for a while...

After the ride Wyoming is looking mighty fine.  This is the first time he wore Brian's Dakota saddle with the flex tree.  The saddle has not been used much, so I don't know if a flex tree can get 'unflexed' without use....don't know.  Anyways, I noticed some white hairs on his withers and back a while ago and I felt HORRIBLE!!!!  He never gave any indication there was bad pressure from the other saddle.  I am hoping they shed out next year, and I am hoping this saddle fits him better.  It rides different than my ranch saddle but I am getting used to it.  If he loves it, then I can learn to love it.  I am tempted to wack the horn off tho...hee hee!  

Wyoming is doing great!  We are working on trotting.  Sometimes he has a dreamy trot and other times he is worried about what is behind him, so that head goes up and his body hollows out as he is twisting back and forth for a peek.  Oh is not comfy at all, and it can't be good for him either.  So I guess the more we do it the better we will get, right?  I have really fallen in love with this guy!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is glad to be sharing miles with Wyoming, but he isn't so sure about his girl using the 'L' word with him....Hmpf snort!

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