Sunday, October 6, 2013

The best time to get your horse used to a rain slicker????

At your ride of course!  HA!  It poured down rain a little while this morning (October 3rd)  and they were calling for chances of pop up showers.  I have never worn the slicker on Wyoming so thought I would take it with me and give him a crash course just in case....

Wyoming was less than thrilled at first.  After him wearing it and walking around with it over his rump a while, and him dealing with me patting it as we were walking along, I decided to tie it to the saddle and take off.  During the ride I would reach back and pat him and the saddle, then the slicker.  He didn't like the noise but eventually ignored it.  I never did put it on...will do that next time.


This is the longest Wyoming's mane has ever been!  He got rained on this morning and it made his mane so soft.  It is very curly too!  I hope it keeps growing and nobody takes a notion to chew it off.  That is what usually happens.  :-/

Bullfrog was still around as of the 3rd.  It is the 6th and he has been gone a couple of days.  We are getting close to time for him to move on...hopefully he or his young will come back to visit next year.  We have had fun watching him grow and feeding him horse flies.  :-)

When I headed to the conservation area one day, I got to the parking lot and look who had followed me....I couldn't take him back home because there is no way to keep him contained.  He is like a rat...if his nose fits thru it, so does his body.

Then a couple of days later I took off and looked at the mirror...he was following again.  I stuffed him in the truck and took him with me.  I will admit, I love having him on my ride with me.  I didn't realize how much I missed having a dog tag along.  I also don't mind meeting up with other riders that have their dogs with them.  But there are riders who don't want other riders to bring their dogs on rides.  I totally get that too.  Dogs run into the brush and out of the brush surprising riders and horses alike.  So far we have not met up with other riders.  Laramie is great...I don't think he will do anything stupid, but if it is a green horse not used to dogs, who can say what would happen?  I would rather not find out.  Laramie doesn't know it, but we are working on something that will keep him home when I go ride.  Funny thing is when we leave in the car, he stays in the yard.  He knows the difference.  :-)

This was such a pretty morning!  This was two days after Nakita's accident, and I could not have asked for a better day to ride.  The air was fresh; the sunlight made everything glisten after the rain; there was a colorful hue to everything.  Temps were perfect too!

Wyoming is watching Laramie head down the trail.  Laramie is cute...if he gets too far ahead, he will come back to make sure we are still coming.  

This is the morning I got out there about 7:30 a.m.....there was a fellow fly fishing.  Wyoming didn't know what to make of the rod and line flipping back and forth.  

Break time...Laramie resting and Wyoming fueling up.

Fall is kicking into much green with a splash of reds and oranges...

What is it with me and fungus?  I don't is purdy tho, isn't it?  :-)
OH!  When I was trying to get the camera on the phone working, I was calling to Laramie to come over.  He started jumping around then jumped up on my leg.  Wy was instantly on alert!  I am laughing and telling Laramie not to do that (because he understands English...right?).  Laramie then jumps up with both front paws on Wyoming's side!  ACK!  Wyoming did FANTASTIC!!!!  He was tense but didn't jump.  Laramie is very athletic and I have been telling him and Wy both that I am going to teach Laramie to jump up in the saddle with me!  :-)

We were almost done with our ride and took a break at the lake.  

Laramie took a swim....look close and you can see him to the left of the concrete thingy...

Now it is time to come to the girl and shake, then lick the nose, then smooch on the girl!  Ewwww!

This is the first time that Wyoming has ever taken a full drink out of the lake.  He usually just dips his lips then licks them.  Earlier he drank out of a water puddle!  I was a proud Momma!

I was so proud, I got a close up of his cute little nose.....

Laramie is rested and wants to know if we are ready to go.....

It was very windy on the lake gave Wyoming Rock-n-Roller hair!  Rock on mustang!

I thought this was cool....Laramie in Wyoming's shadow.  :-)

Laramie was tired!  He had a long trip and stuck with us...

Laramie taking a break in a water puddle...

The colors are pretty!

Part of the ride we rode along the side of the road.   Wyoming and I have not done that and I thought it would be something new for him, and a way for us to find the entrance of another trail I noticed a few days ago.

Self portrait time!

Today was a fantastic day!  After Nakita moving on, I was mentally exhausted and a mess.  I prayed a lot, and my prayer was answered by way of Brian.  We talked a lot about her the night before this ride.  I had questions and he tried to answer them the best he could.  This ride helped me too.  It was a beautiful day...but different than all the other beautiful days.  It is hard to explain...

We are headed home.  This is the first time that I was able to take Laramie's collar and guide him up into the truck.  He just scootched right up in there like he had done it 100 times!  The past couple times I had to pick him up and literally stuff him in, then jump in behind him before he jumps out.  He was so afraid.  But look at him now!  Relaxed and confident that he isn't being left behind.  :-)

Misty has taken a notion that she likes being in the house.  Brian was not home...I let her in and she got on the couch.  We hung out a while....this will be Brian's first time knowing that Misty was on HIS side of the couch.  Hee hee!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who does still live here even tho he didn't make any photo time...

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