Monday, October 7, 2013

Beautiful evening for a ride...

This is the first time in a few weeks I have got off work on time - and I had a plan!  The weather is gorgeous, and if I could get out on time and hooked up to the trailer in 3 or 4 tries instead of 10, I just might get a couple hours of daylight to play in!  Temp - approx 65 degrees.  Sun is away I went!  I am sooooo excited!  I even took Laramie with me.  If I saw vehicles parked close by, I would choose a different area to ride so I don't disturb any hunters.  I never saw anybody so we took a ride to the lake and back.

I finally figured out why I get more mileage on the way to the lake versus on the way back.  It is because we zig zag the whole way there....and I am wishy-washy and let it happen!  I woke up tonite and said "Hey, we are going to act like we are on a mission, and that means go forward and straight!"  He said "No speaka Engles...only speaka mustang!"  Oh geez....

I was proud of Laramie tonite.  I called him to the truck and he hopped right in!  Then while we were in the parking lot and I had the back door to the truck open so I can get my stuff out, Laramie was jumping in and out!  Yay!  He is getting more comfortable.  I promised him if he goes with me...he always comes back home with me.  :-)

It was a great night!  Laramie jumped in and out of brush and got stickies all over him...glad they come off easily.  He and Wyoming seem to get along fine...altho tonite Wy acted like he had never seen Laramie on the trail before.  Lots of snorting and stopping when he would see Laramie around a corner sniffing something.  Then Laramie's head would pop up to look at us and Wy would get taller and snort again. 

Laramie loves the water!  It was time for a swim.

The water was like glass tonite.  A couple of geese flew by; four ducks flew in formation very low over the water and the reflection was AMAZING; and fish were jumping out of the water and making splashes.  Wy was not very impressed with that at all.

We had some great shadows tonite...the sun was setting so we played with the classroom of natural art supplies we were given...

What a great evening to ride.  It was not quite dark when we got back to the parking lot, which is good.  I don't think I would have been as relaxed on Wyoming in the dark as I am on Tripp.  Wy was good tonite...just very alert of all surroundings.  We did a lot of trotting tonite...some good, and some that felt like a billy goat ride.  I never did get him to break into a canter.  I have cantered 3 times on him and want to do it again.  I have no doubt I can give him a little swat and he will canter, but I want him to break into it naturally.  I don't want to push or scare him into it.  I can wait...and it will be worth it.  :-)

OH!  One scary thing!  We were trotting on the way back and I cut across an area that has a bunch of small fallen trees lined up.  We were trotting over them pretty as you please (best ever!) when we made it to the last one.  It had an extra log over it and the thing was kind of gnarly.  I thought he was going to trot tall over it, then I felt him change so I thought he would jump it.  Well, I think he changed his mind, then changed it again...but not quick enough.  He tripped and started to go down.  I just held on and he started to recover and get up, then he stumbled again and went down to his knees.  I reached forward to his neck to keep me from tumbling over his head....holy smokes!  He got back up and I checked him over.  He looked at me as if to say "Are you ready to go yet?" just like nothing had happened.  Ummmm, okay.....  I got on and away we went. 

When I got home I had to get chores done.  The brownish colored turkey hen was living at a friends.  In fact, she is the one who owned the turkey we fostered this summer.  She has that one back.  This girl went feral and nested away from the barn.  When she came back she was mean mean mean....she was cornering S's dogs (big dogs!) and whooping up on them.  The dogs know not to bother the birds but one of them finally had enough and snapped at the turkey.  S decided it was time to get rid of her so she asked Brian if Shirley could come here and when it is butchering time, put her in line.  Her sister Laverne and the tom named Squiggy are still at S's place with their new sister Gulliver (I thought it was a tom when I named her) and they all get along just fine.
Anyways, Shirley is getting along with our bunch so far, so it looks like she will get to hang around a while.  The black younger tom has been flirting with her, so I named him Carmine.  :-)
They were part of my evening so they earned blog time.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who was nowhere to be seen when I got home...which is why Wyoming got to go out again.  I am hoping for Tripp tomorrow!

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