Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mini's get their teeth done then Wy and I go for a ride...

September many of us know where we were on this date so many years ago...we will never forget!

First thing this morning the mini's went to the vet to have their teeth done.  I did not get any pictures of Hershey.  She is the one with the very long upper tooth; and she is also the one who is a real turd, even when she is under the influence of the night night meds.  So I was holding her rump while the vet tech was taking care of the front of her.  Of course the vet was taking care of business.  One more visit for her and we should have the tooth at the same level as the other that are growing out.  Yay!  As of today (October 6, 2013) Hershey has not packed any food in her cheek!  Yay again!!!!

Tripplette is a doll....give her some good drugs and she is a happy camper.  She only had a couple spots that needed to be touched up so it did not take long.   

This is the kind of picture you show to her date!  Ha ha!

Bullfrog is hanging out on his board...

Horse flies have been in abundance, so I would put them on the board.  We had fun watching him 'sneak' up on the dead flies then BAM!  Munch munch...yummy!

A lot of acorns were falling out of the trees this summer...they were very premature.  I am hoping that we have had enough rain for the ones still on the trees to mature.

A wind storm went thru and knocked a bunch out of the trees.

After getting the mini's back home, I took Wyoming out for a ride.  I took the whole day off work, and there was something about going riding in the middle of the week that made me feel like I was being bad and getting away with something!  Hee hee!

We rode a direction we had not been before.  It is hard to tell by this picture, but there was a fallen tree with a big root ball dirt clod thing, and it was freaking him out!  He was so upset I decided it was best for me to get off and take him for a walk by it a few times.

He was looking so purdy with his neck all arched like that...but he would snort and jump back so I didn't get a good picture.

He finally got up close and personal and gave it a few sniffs.  We walked away a couple of times and walked back up to it.  After he relaxed I got back on right by the root ball and away we went.

He watched the tractor that was mowing the area along the lake dam for a long time.  We would walk a couple of steps, then he would have to turn and look again.  I suppose I let him stay focused on things too long...I really don't know.  My thinking is to let him look; ask him to check in with me; then let him look some more if it makes him feel better about it.

It was hot and we were gross after the ride, so he got hosed off.  At first he didn't think it was a good idea, then he decided it felt great!

We had a great ride!  The morning started out just perfect, then it got hot.  When it warmed up the horse flies were active.  I have to say this....I am sick and tired of those flies.  I can't go on a ride without getting bit at least half a dozen times.  They are just plain mean this year.  On a positive note, Wyoming is getting used to me doing acrobats on him while I am trying to twist around to get the flies off his rump.  :-)

Until later....Karen and Tripp who is enjoying a few days off....he has a swollen hock so he is on 'bed rest'...

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