Thursday, April 9, 2009

And this is why I need a new camera...

....and this was one of the good ones!
I was dreading this day! Most people like new stuff. I like my old stuff to keep on working - FOREVER! I will say that this little camera has worked great for me. We have shot well over 15,000 pictures out of it, lots of video, and it just recently started falling apart. It has been horseback riding, motorcycle riding, dragged thru caves in red clay, carried thru the woods, licked on by the critters, dropped many times...yep, it has been good!

A couple weeks ago the pictures did this across the top only - so it looked like everybody had been slimed.

The real bummer is I took the noodles out to play with the boys. All these pictures were of Wyoming and the noodles. The funniest picture, that I will try to do again in the future, would have been the one with the noodle balanced between his ears and down his neck. He lowered his head, and was very careful not to drop it. When I would walk around with the other noodle, his eyes only would follow, but that head was still. He was a good sport!

Guess I will start checking the Internet soon to find out what is out there. In the meantime we will be using Brian's camera.

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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