Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yesterday....isn't that a song?

Or were these the day before??? I lose track of time...either way, it was the day my camera went ka-put. Guess that was two days ago.

I spent the evening playing with toys. I got out the noodles and we worked on not being afraid of the ball in flight. It is amazing how much time you can put into having horsey fun!

Wy missed out on a lot of the pictures because of my camera. But he did not miss out on all the fun!


I worked with the flag on Tiger, and he pleasantly surprised me! Nervous, yes, but totally freaked out, no! Good Tiger!

Tiger also got abused with the noodles. Up, over, around, one at a time, two at a time, one on the back while one is rubbing down his rump, under the belly, down the legs....he has decided that noodles are annoying but not scary. They don't taste good either!

Let's throw the ball at Tiger! This is what amazed me the most! Anything flying around was just not acceptable to him. He is learning that scary things are okay. Baby steps...

I finally found his itchy spot!

WYOMING SAYS: "Yeah, like watching paint dry...."

I sat on the panels so they could see me from above. Tiger came to investigate. Wy did not care.

Wyoming caught in the act of nipping Tiger while I am trying to get Tiger to come visit me. Did Wyoming think that he would get Tiger in trouble because if he nips hard enough, Tiger will move away and that will not make me happy? We will never know....

It was a lot of fun! I was so glad for the decent weather. Yay!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who wants to go on a trail ride


Angela said...

Wy is jealous and wants Tiger OUT of the way! Don't you know he deserves all of the attention??? Hehehe....

Karen C. said...

Ha ha! It sure seems that way! At times it seems like Wy is giving us the look of "Hmpf! Come flap the navajo pad around me, I can do it better. He don't deserve nothin'!" (which of course means he deserves somethin')