Thursday, April 2, 2009

Every little bit counts...even in the rain...

We are getting rain this evening, but not the big crazy rains we have had lately. Whew! I can't always spend a long time with the horses so I try to make every little bit count. Sometimes it is just going in to visit and rub on them to remind them that humans can get to itchy places that they just can't reach. :-) I also want them to realize that every single day is not going to be work...well, they don't think it is work. It really is, but what they don't know won't hurt them. I did not stay out long, but I felt real good about the horsey time I had with Tiger and Wyoming tonite!

Here is Misty holding down a round bale that is in the back yard. (we have all kinds of crazy stuff in our back yard!)
Misty is a Husky dog that we adopted from a no kill facility. We got her when she was almost a year old. She had been at a kennel as a breeder, and when the people who fostered her found her, she had mouse feces embedded into her skin, and they had to shave her. She must have been mistreated by men, because she still has issues with them. It look her a long time to learn to be a dog, and a long time to trust me. We have had Misty about 3 yrs now and she is a happy dog...still doesn't care for men, but that is okay. She loves me! :-D
Snoop is usually up there with her, but this time he chooses to stay on the ground. He is a Chow Husky cross that looks like a Dingo.

Just a casual shot with me and the guys...would not know they are stallions. Altho they were picking on Ace (who also has a Full House) and we moved him back to the other pen. Ace was the mustang rescued from an auction and he is still thin, so he doesn't need to be running around that much. Altho he is building nice muscle! :-)
Ace has his buddy Rico with him in the pen. They both will have appointments with the vet soon.

When I started working with Tripp for the Extreme Mustang Makeover, I really did not know where to start. I had a very rough plan, and that was it. One of the things I did was spend a lot of time with him, and he eventually started 'leading' without the halter and lead rope. He still gets sidetracked, but if I spent a lot of time with him, there is no telling how far along he would be. I like being able to get their attention halter free, and have them turn to look at me.

This is how I am starting Tiger and Wy. Here I am working with Wy to follow me, and considering he was touched only a little over a week ago, he did GREAT! He is still a baby and gets distracted easily, but I can get him right back. Not bad considering there is another horse in the pen.

I also started working on touching his legs. His hoof length is really bugging me. I would rather have his hooves trimmed before the vet comes out - but if I have to do a quick job on them while he is knocked out, I will. He let me pet down the front legs...he did move away, but not to escape. Just moving because he was not sure about it. This was also without the halter. Tiger is watching and saying "I can do that." :-)
Wy says "Yeah, but could you do it in just a little over a week?" :-)

I found Tiger's itchy spot - or I should say he finally gave in to it. Wy just has to check out what is going on.

It was a pretty good night considering it was raining! Yay!

Until later....Karen and Tripp

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